Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog Tag!

Aw, yay!  Stephanie from Short n Chic tagged me!  I feel so loved.
So I guess for this tag you write 7 facts about yourself, and then tag a few blogs.  Alrighty!

1.) I'm a genetics major at UC Davis.  You may have already known that.  But, when I was younger, I hated science.  I wanted to be a pop singer, of course!  But then my Junior year I took a Microbiology and Genetics class at my high school with a man named Davis Crissman.  He changed my life!  I got 100% in that class.  I loved it, and decided to make it my major.

2.) I plan on going to grad school to get a masters in Genetic Counseling, and well... become a Genetic Counselor.  Basically they just help people feel better about themselves and make hard decisions they couldn't make on their own.  But I think these things are extremely important.  I have a very common genetic disorder, called Marfan Syndrome.  I found this out when I was 12, because my mom was watching a show on TLC about the disorder, and realized that I was the perfect candidate.  When I went to the doctor I got no information.  He was cold and matter of fact.  I had to do the research on my own.  I want to help people NOT go through was I did during this time in my life, people deserve information and help!

3.) I used to dance!  I did ballet in elementary school and jr. high and a little in high school and college, I danced on my jr. high school's jazz team, and I was on my high school's hip hop team.  Yes.  Me.  The 5'9" 115 pound white girl.  I was damn good too!

4.) I love to draw.  I am in the process of designing a possible tattoo for myself (I'm so scared of pain/needles!) that is a couple of lilies.  I've redone it probably about 10 times so far.  I also designed my best friend Colin's tattoo (well, one of the many), and am very proud to have my art on his body forever! But my favorite thing to draw is anything is Yosemite Valley.

5.) Speaking of Yosemite Valley, it's my favorite place I've ever been.  I've been there about 15-16 times, and I can't wait to go back! It was a family tradition growing up to go around Christmas time.  It's so peaceful.  It's my reset button.

6.) The reason I haven't been to Yosemite in a couple of years is because my parents are getting divorced right now.  My mom moved out spring of '08.  I was a couple weeks shy of 19 when she told us.  I've had a really hard time with it, and actually, still deal with it on a daily basis.  So, the family tradition is no longer a tradition, since my family is no longer the same family it once was.

7.) I work in a viticulture lab (wine grape growing science).  I am a genetic research assistant there.  I am doing experiments on the water uptake proteins and their density in the roots of different grape vines.  I do this using a PCR machine (and a whole hell lot of other machines along the way).  I absolutely hate lab work, but I like my boss and coworkers, and I need a job, so I stay.  Sigh.

Thanks for reading my facts, I hope you got to know me a little better.  I'm silly, weird, and sassy.  Let's be friends! =)

I tag:

Have fun!

NOTD~ Hot Topic Glitter: Pink and Blue

Today I am continuing the trend of HT NP... With a fantastic New Year's Eve polish:  Pink and Blue Glitterfuck.

The second to last picture has been messed with a little with the levels etc, but it's definitely the most real to life picture.  The flash shows all the spaces between the glitter, but trust me, on the nail it looks like an infinitely thick pile of glitter disco fun.  I put three coats.  It was easily buildable.  I had no problems with it after I put some Seche Vite over the top to even out the bumpiness.  This polish is amazing, and I'm expecting the last glitter (pure blue) to be just as awesome.  Yay, completely successful Hot Topic nail polish haul! =)

Happy New Years!

Zoya Matte Velvet Collection

Hurray!  I won Kelly from VampyVarnish's contest!  Here are my winnings:

Let's start off with my least favorite, although still awesome: Dovima.

with flash

lamp light

Index and ring fingers have top coat (flash)

topcoat again no flash.

Dovima is black.  It has beautiful blue and colorful tiny glitter.  I think it looks better with the topcoat!  It was kinda watery and runny.  This is two coats.

My second favorite: Loredana

with flash

no flash

index and ring have topcoat (flash)

topcoat again with no flash

Loredana is a beautiful charcoal grey.  (Do you guys spell it gray or grey?  I always switch off haha)
Anyway, the formula was amazing on this one!  Thick in a good way, like whipped butter.  So smooth.  This is two coats.  I love the crazy colorful glitter in it.  Again, better with topcoat.

And my personal favorite:  Posh

with flash

no flash

topcoat on index and ring (flash)

topcoat with no flash

Bonus photo ALRIGHT! haha.  Enlarge this one. Look at the amazing shimmer!!!! RAWR.

I don't usually like reds.  But HOLY SHITBALLS, look at that shimmer!  Again, two coats.  Again, the polish comes to life with topcoat.  It's insanely deep and beautiful.  Mesmerizing would be a good word. Yes.  Mesmerizing.  MMMMmmmm........  I can't wait to wear this one with a black dress and some red heels or something like that... This polish packs a serious awesome-punch!

I put on the charcoal gray/grey one on first, and when I did so I thought that would be my favorite one, because it's so awesome, but then Posh just came in a blew it out of the water!!  I'm super happy with all three of these polishes and will use them extensively.  Thanks Kelly!!!!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


DUDES.  So, remember when I said I was at my Dad's and everything was being sent to my Apt?  Well, I'm back in Davis now, so I got ALMOST all of my nail polish... And I say almost because my Dad ordered me my RBL polishes since I was on the road the entire 5 hours of the sale and he (even though I told him to send it to my apt) had them sent to his house, and they didn't get there in time!!! GRRR.  I got Scrangie and Locavore.  I want themmmmmm.  Oh well, I have WAY more than enough to hold me over until then:

Click to enlarge!  Zoya matte velvet collection, the 6 greenfriday zoyas, ki, demi, and joy, BB Couture Dragons Breath and Moon over Manhattan, and Nfu Oh 51

 Posh, Dovima, and Loredana

I won these from Kelly at VampyVarnish from her Zoya Matte Velvet Giveaway!  So sweet, she even sent me a christmas card.  Aw =)  Made my day!  Thanks, Kelly!!  Can't wait to try them!

Dragon's Breath and Moon Over Manhattan

I was very very lucky to be sent these by the owner of BB Couture, Cindy, with a lot of help from Kim who runs!  Such nice and helpful women.  I am so lucky! =)

OH LOOK! MY FIRST NFU OH!  Nfu Oh 51, amazing.  I cannot wait to try this one out!

Sorry no swatches right now, but I just had to show you all the awesome stuff I got!  Once I have my new RBL's, I'll be done buying polish for a whillllle (or maybe just until Up & Away hits the shelves!)

Thanks for reading, have a great night!

NOTD~ Hot Topic Purple

Today I'm wearing another Hot Topic color, this is a purple filled with purple *looking* glitter.  I say that because sometimes the glitter looks pure purple, sometimes it looks blue, sometimes pink, sometimes mixed.  It's insane!!!  I took SO many pictures trying to capture it to no avail.  Typical.

You can see the blue glitter really well in all these pictures, but the pink only comes out in either bright sun very faintly or pale yellow lamp light in full force!


I like that part's in focus and part's not so that you can see how awesome and shiny it is!

Enlarge this one.   You can faintly see the pink glitter on my index finger!

I don't get why the blue was so bright in all the pictures and the pink was so elusive.

I was expecting a lot from this polish, and let me tell you, it went above and beyond said expectations.  I usually find that awesome stuff like duochromes or glitter are much more pronounced in the bottle than on the nail, which is sad.  But this polish's glitter looks completely uniformly purple in the bottle, but on the nail the different glitters show up in different lighting, making the polish a chameleon!  It's truly awesome.  Its a great deep but not black looking purple that I believe only took two coats to be opaque.  It was kind of slow drying though, and messy to apply, but those are small apples when you get a color like this after all that work!  Awesome, awesome, awesome.  Highly recommended.  Pick it up!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

NOTD~ Hot Topic Teal

Here's a more deep teal color from hot topic.  It's a shimmer that kind of shows brush strokes, and is a brushed metallic looking teal that leans more blue.  Sadly, there is a gorgeous green and purple flash/duochrome in the bottle, but barely shows on the nails.  Sad.

This one is a great color, but is not my favorite on me.  Idk why but for some reason blues just don't look so great on me =(


No Flash.  Enlarge the last one to see the little bit of duochromey-ness.  Sorry, I forgot to put on cuticle oil before I took the pictures.  And it was really hard to clean up so my skin is a little stained.  Fail!  Also, this is three coats, and even still it's not such great coverage.  It was runny and hard to work with.

And in case anyone wanted to see it, here's the teal from yesterday mattified on my middle and ring fingers.  pretty cool, but not as cool as shinny!

I do like this, but I don't think I would have bought it if I could have tried it before hand.  Which is a shame because I remember thinking that this one was a must in the store! Lol, just goes to show I still can't realize when colors are pretty but not on me.  Oh well!

Friday, December 25, 2009

NOTD~ Hot Topic Colors and Haul =)

Happy holidays everyone!  I hope everyone that celebrates Christmas had a great one!  I had a lovely day... We opened our gifts and ate delicious 'sausage souffle' which is my favorite breakfast!  Then we watched my brother's new movie Star Trek (which is great, btw... I saw it in theaters!) and then we headed to the theater to see Sherlock Holmes, which was good!  We've just been hanging out the rest of the time.  Very relaxing and fun.

So anyway, on Christmas eve, my brother took me to the mall (well, I drove) and bought me some stuff from hot topic (I LOVE that store!!!).  He bought me "up to 20 dollars worth of stuff".  So I got a necklace I've been really wanting and some adorable hair bows, and then of course stocked up on Hot Topic Nail Polish, which is one of my all time favorite brands (despite their TERRIBLE brush and handle)

Awww =)  So cute!  Purple, pink, and bright blue zebra bows, and a big hello kitty necklace with a hot pink chain.  Yay!

I wasn't actually going to post these nail polishes until I was done swatching all of them, but then I took pictures of the teal on the left and I just couldn't wait!!! You'll see why I'm so excited about it.
Look at how awesome these are.  A teal shimmer, a deep purple glitter, a bright blue glitter, a deep dark teal shimmer, and a blue and pink mix of glitter. AMAZING.  I seriously wanted to buy every single polish they make.  I love this brand and their crazy out there color options!

With Flash.  Look at that amazing shimmer.  BUT:

No flash.  I promise you this is the same polish!!! I think it's because it's partially neon that it's screwing with my camera so badly.  It dried kind of satin-y.  The base is teal, and the shimmer is more green.  It's not blue like this at all.  It's also not as green as the flash pictures show.  It's somewhere in between.  But its definitely a more green teal, because I'm wearing a (what I would consider) true teal jacket, and the polish is more green than it.  It glows.  It's teal on fire.  It's sparkly, and beautiful, and you can see it from space.  It is one of the coolest neon nail polishes I have ever seen!!!  I put three coats.  Two was preeeetty much opaque, but it was kinda uneven so it needed the third to even everything out.  Clean up was difficult, but it is so worth it.  This is seriously one of the coolest colors I've ever seen in my life.

These hot topic polishes are $2.99 each.  The cap is sooo difficult to hold and use, and the brush stem is so long, and the brush itself is really small and shitty.  The bottle looks awesome, but I don't think it's worth the trouble. They should really redo their bottles!  But their ability to make OUT there colors that no one else is doing is perfection.  I absolutely love their options!  MMM!

Thanks for reading, go pick up these polishes!!! RAWR!

P.S.  I hope it won't seem like bragging, but I really wanted to show you something I got for xmas that I'm super excited about:

Beautiful, right!?!  I am truly lucky to have gotten such an amazing gift!!! I actually don't really know how to play golf, I've only been a couple of times!  But I like the game, and tomorrow morning I am having a lesson!  I am super excited.  I hope I can improve and actually be good at the game, since now I own such a lovely set of clubs!  They're pink and dark gray, which are two of my favorite colors =)

I'm a lucky girl!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

NOTD + KOTD~ Finger Paints Art District's Delight

Happy Holidays ladies!!!!  I love christmas.  It's my favorite holiday!  You get to hang out, open presents, watch other people open presents, eat delicious food, listen to fun music, its amazing!

My NOTD is not christmas-y at all, but hell, that's ok with me!  I think I'll paint them with Emerald Sparkle or something tomorrow to xmas it up! haha.

Flash only on the first photo.  I used Essie's Island Hopping for the Konad, because I wanted it to be subtle.  Haha, it's subtle alright!!!

The color is super pale, almost tan or off-white looking in a lot of lights!  But it definitely is a pink creme or jelly, it looks squiiiishy =)  In fact, it was squishy for quite a while, as you can see by my dents and smudges! lol

I really hop you all are having a lovely holiday!  My RBL polishes should be here soonish! =D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mattified KOTD~Cheetalicious!

Did anyone ever see those movies?  Cheetah Girls?  No?  Just me?  K.

I decided to make my Konad result from yesterday Matte with Essie's Matte About You, and boy am I pleased with the results!!!


I absolutely love it.  It stands our even more now because before the glare of the shine and the shininess of the gold kinda muddled it all together in lower lights... Now it's super obvious!  I love matte...  How did I ever live without it?

A couple updates:  I'm going to get a facial tonight (we're leaving right now) for the first time ever!!  It's my dad's and my christmas presents to each other!! (Adorable, right?)  So that's super exciting, I'll let you guys know how it goes.  I'm kinda scared only because I hear your face can be red for a couple days afterwards... But oh well that's why getting it now is good because I'll just be with family for the next few days and they have to be my family whether I have a red face or not! haha =)

Also, I bought my first Nfu Oh polish (#51, of course) today!  I'm super excited.  Like I said before, I'm at my dad's house, and ALL my packages are being sent to my Apt in Davis, so come January I'm gonna have SO much to swatch! =)

Have a great night


Monday, December 21, 2009

KOTD and 5 Guys I Used to Like TAG!

Hey guys!!! I decided to konad it up today, with a little cheetah print over Chinchilly!  I used OPI's Pamplona Purple and a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Gold, and I think it came out pretty awesomely!

With Flash

No flash

Cute right?? I'm really bad at konad still.  You can see its really smeary.  I think my right hand might be a little better than my left though?  Haha.  I'm glad Pamplona Purple was opaque enough to stand out, and I really like the Nail Art Pen I got.  Highly recommended!  =)

Ok.  Onto the tag!!!

JTT.  Of course.  What girl my age didn't love him in the 90's?  He was my first celeb crush =)


OMG.  Look at that picture.  I love a man in a suit, especially when that man is this man.  It crushed me when I found out he was a smoker when I was like 8. Haha.

Oh what up Jesse?  Haha.  Yep.  He's cute.  Admit it.

Johnny Depp will be my husband someday.  He just doesn't know it yet!  (Sorry Evil Angel, I know you want him!) Haha.  He's also my current obsession.  I've been in love with this man (whom I don't know) for years.  Pathetic?  Naw...............

Welp!  That's it!  I have many more "current" celeb crushes, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Laurie, John Krazinski, etc...  But these are the 5 from my childhood =)

I don't know who hasn't been tagged yet, but if you are on my blog roll, and you would like to do this, I tag you! (You're it!)

Thanks for reading guys!