Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween~ Scene Makeup

So I went to a halloween party last night. On actual halloween I plan on dressing up as a giraffe, but since all my friends that were going to be there last night will also see me on halloween night, I figured I shouldn't just be a giraffe twice. So I came up with this "scene girl" or "emo girl" or "punk girl" look. Whatever you want to call it. I used the coastal scents color palette. Enjoy!

scene makeup
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neon, bright, bold makeup worn by the scene kids. Girls wear many different eyeshadows at once,many different shades, as long as there bright and bold. the most commom style is bright pink under the eyes with purple, blue,green, or yellow on the top or sides..or any combination of colors

That's's definition of scene makeup. When I think scene I think emo and punk mixed together, bright neons contrasted with black. No browns or tans here, except the lips and cheeks. The eyes are the main attraction here. So put foundation on your face (you want a perfect complexion so go with something heavier) and prime your eyes. Also, I used quite a bit of bronzer to get that high cheekbone look that's popular in this genre of style, if you will.

So I used my coastal scents matte color palette for the eyes. Using ABC down the rows and 123's on the columns, I used the matte black all the way at H8, and the bright pink at G6. That's it. I decided to put a little highlight right under my brow and on the top of my cheekbones, but that's optional.
Take the pink (or whatever color you want to use) and put it all over the lid, making sure to get good color in the inner corner, but not going to far up since we want a cat eye look. Then I took my crease brush and put a little black dot in my crease at the outter V area, just for reference of where I wanted the wing to come out. Then I brought the black out a bit and put it densely in my crease. Then take an angled eyeliner brush and the black and create the cat eye wing look. fill in the wing and blend it out ever so slightly. we want a harsh line, but not that harsh. then line your lower lash line with a black pencil (I put white in the water line) and go over the black with the black eyeshadow to smoke it out. We want it pretty thick on the bottom. Then line the top with a gel or liquid liner (again, kind of thick) and add fake eyelashes for that extra pop. redo the pink a little bit if it got too covered my the black and voila! Scene eyes!

This is a fun look because you can change it in so many ways. Any bright color and black will do, or you can do two or three colors! The color palette is perfect because it has so many matte bright colors, which is what you want for this look. Do you hair crazy and add some bows, skinny jeans, and a studded belt and you're ready! Good Luck and have fun =) Oh, and Happy Halloween!

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