Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Huge Haul

So I purchased makeup and nail polish online.

From Coastal Scents I bought 4 brushes: Large foundation, Deluxe crease, Crease, and Square liner brushes. I also bought the eye primer, gel liner in very black, and both the 88 color and the 88 warm palettes. It also came with a sample of loose eyeshadow that I can't recall the name of right now. I am happy with all of my purchases except the eye primer so far. The primer is too waxy for me, and it's hard to apply it smoothly. I think I'll buy the drug store primer next since I'm still not ok with paying 20 dollars for a tube of primer potion. But the gel liner is good so far, and the palettes are amazing. The customer service was good.

From 8ty8beauty I purchased 5 nail polishes, but they have yet to arrive. I'll make another post when they come.

From I bought Konad Nail Art Supplies. I bought the Starter Kit III, which comes with two mini nail polishes (black w/ shimmer and a cream white), an image plate (M36), a full size top coat, a scraper and a stamper. I also got two other plates (M56 and M3) and a pink top coat, hoping it would be good for french manicures. I haven't used the pink top coat for that reason yet, but I did manage to stamp some bows on ring fingers while running out the door for school this morning. It was much easier than I imagined it would be, which is awesome. It also dried really quickly, which was nice since I was late. I can't wait to really start using it and trying out different things! Me=stoked. gave me amazing customer service! I actually placed an order and realized I wanted to change it, and I emailed them and got it straightened out very easily. I also used the promotion code "dazzle", hopefully it still works if you want to purchase stuff from there, it gave me 30% off!

Overall, great purchases. I'm a little upset about the primer from coastal scents because if I recall it wasn't exactly cheap... But maybe I'll figure out a way to use it so it doesn't suck? We'll see.


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