Thursday, October 15, 2009

Product Review~ Covergirl Outlast Lipstain

So I went to my local CVS and picked up the Covergirl Outlast Lipstain in Teasing Blush (415)

I was really excited because I always hate when my lipstick would migrate and move out of my lip line. I put it on as soon as I got home. The color is fantastic. However, I hadn't exfoliated my lips because I didn't think to, so the stain was darker in the lines of my lips than the smooth area. Be sure to exfoliate first. Also, my lips are extremely dry and I can't handle not having chapstick on my lips for very long, and obviously I had none on since it needs to be applied to clean, dry lips. So I put some chapstick on top thinking the stain would still stay. It didn't. Not to say that this product isn't good, because I do like it. The chapstick didn't take it
off immediately, but it ruined the staying power. Also, when i put chapstick on the color kind rubbed off in clumps. So basically I'd say for me (since I can't live without chapstick) the lipstain has about the same amount of staying power as lipstick. However, I absolutely love love love the color. It's perfect for my pale skin and brown hair. Its also the perfect color for the look of natural/dark eyes with a bright red lip, but with deep pink instead of red for a less in-your-face version. I will continue to use it, even though it's not long wearing for me.


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