Monday, November 30, 2009

Party Makeup~ Pink and Purple using 88 Color Palette

I went to a cocktail party so I felt the need to do something a little crazy with my makeup.  I used my Coastal Scents 88 Color Palette, and just played around with the different pinks and purples.   I think it turned out nice, even if pink and purple is a little overplayed.  Although apparently I didn't get my eyeliner all the way on my lash line on my right eye.  Fail.  Haha oh well I doubt anyone noticed it was dark the whole time and everyone was really trashed. =)


Mini Merries~ Comet Loves Cupid

So as you may know if you read this blog I bought the Mini Merries Collection by OPI.  It included Comet Loves Cupid, All A-bordeaux the Sled, Shim-merry Chic, and Holiday Glow.  I swatched them very terribly before, and so they're still on my list of polishes to swatch.  So;

The box said it was a "classic" red.  And yes.  Classic, indeed.  I think it's also boring.  Although it wasn't really orangey, I still like my red cremes to be less orange than this one.  A little more on the purple or pink side.  This is perfectly fine for a holiday red, or a bright red for a party or layering or whatever.  But in my opinion, nothing special.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NOTD~ OPI's At Your Quebec and Call & OPI's "Sheer" Your Toys!

Holy SHIT.

AYQAC with flash (almost color accurate, but more green less brown)

AYQAC with lamp light

Close-up of AYQAC (actual color is more green)

OMFG.  I bought this color on Ebay because I believe it was a Canada Exclusive color, and it might even be discontinued.  It's an olive green with golden shimmer, and I had a hard time capturing it.   The visible brush stroke goes away after the third coat (which is what's pictured here, and what it needed).  The formula was watery and a tad sheer, and the brush was skinny.  But not that hard to apply if you're careful.  But even with all that work it's MORE than worth it!  LOOK AT THIS COLOR.  Perfection.

SYT!, with flash

SYT!, no flash, lamp light

Enlarge this one.  Look at the awesome copper flecks!

"Sheer" Your Toys! from OPI's Holiday in Toyland collection is awesome.  It's a silvery gray with a drop of lilac, and copper flecks.  It's truly awesome and unique.  I'm super happy with both of these OPI's.  This needed three coats I believe?  I may be wrong; it may only be two.  My only issue is that I wish the copper flecks were bigger, no one I run into or sit next to is EVER going to notice them.  Unfortunately polish-lovers like ourselves are few and far-between, or at least that's what it seems like in Davis!

I actually paid a little less for AYQAC than a normal OPI price.  And no shipping.  Awesome.  So sometimes you can get discontinued stuff for reasonable prices.  But this color was worth that much and more!  I absolutely love it.  Also, I got my SYT! on 8ty8beauty, so it was also less than buying an OPI at an actual beauty supply store, too.  SCORE!  I'll try to get swatches of all of my OPI's (I don't own very many) on here someday soon, but I still have to finish swatching my Color Club's first!

Also, I purchased Shield from the Wet n Wild Craze Collection.  I already had Rustic, I kinda want the one thats called Envy or something to that extent, and maybe a couple of others but maybe I already own enough polish?  hahahaha.... naw.  But I'll get those up eventually.  I also wanna get up my two Orly's from the Once Upon A Time Collection; Prince Charming and Enchanted Forest.  MMM!


p.s. I'm going to my Dad's house for Thanksgiving, which is why I painted my nails with AYQAC, since it's PERFECT for this holiday (and I just got it in the mail yesterday and I was stooooked!) =) Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Color Club Swatches

I will edit this later when I swatch the rest of my color clubs, but I HAD to get this up because I found a new favorite, which also happens to be my NOTD. Slow Jam, which I bought because the lovely Scrangie recommended it, and it looked so good on her.  When I got it I was really disappointed by the look of it in the bottle since, as you may know, my opinion was that all wine colors were the same, but it's absolutely stunning on the nail!  So here we go!

All of the CC's I will eventually have swatches of.

The four I have yet to take decent pictures of:  Revvvolution (black or charcoal holo), With Abandon (black base with orange glitter), Ultra Violet (neon magenta purple with blue flash), and Wild Child (neon turquoise creme)

All these pictures are two coats, unless otherwise noted!

Fashion Addict.  A ridiculously holo lilac.  Beautiful.

Fashion Addict in lamp light.  Great color for spring, not so sure I'll wear it before then, though.

Fashion Addict, lamp light

Love 'Em Leave 'Em is a tan/beige color, that's also a holo, but not quite as much so as Fashion Addict

Love 'Em Leave 'Em, with flash.  This tan holo and the black holo Revvvolution are perfect holos for winter.  Holos in winter? AWESOME.

Golden Girl with flash.  Its a very bronzey gold color that shows the brush strokes.

Lamp light.  Great color for darker skin tones I think... It might be toooo yellow for me?

Coral Cascade.  This one is three coats.  This polish's application sucks.  Its a pretty color though, a very bright, possibly neon formula coral that leans towards peach.

Almost color accurate here.  You can see on my middle finger that the polish is all uneven, and that my thumb still isn't quite covered/even, but after three coats I just said "fuck it"

Slow Jam.  UGHHHH LOVE.  Isn't this color amazing?  It looks darker around the edges and lighter in the middle, so it looks like its on fire!  Especially in lower lighting.  Its a brown fig/maroon color and I absolutely love it. (picture above is closer to actual color than the two below, although it is a little more red in real life)

With flash (real color is more purple in real life)

with flash up close to show the sparkle.  Enlarge this one.  It has gold and purple glitter! Pretty!

I'll edit this post and add the other four when I feel like swatching some more.  How do you guys always have perfect pictures?  I don't feel like cleaning up my cuticles when I'm swatching, since I'm going to take the polish off in 30 seconds anyway.  I guess I'm just toooo lazy!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rant~ Nail Polish Gift Packages

Ok so I found this "Go Wild" Nail Collection at CVS.  Am I really "going wild" with 5 pinks, 1 lavender, and 4 tans?  5 dollars for 10 nail polishes, and I didn't even buy it, that's how shitty this package is!  I couldn't bring myself to add a pound of nail polish to my collection of such boring colors.  They'd probably be good for frakening, but I don't have any of the other necessary tools like bottles, etc.  If I really wanted to "Go Wild", I wouldn't paint my nails nude.  Sorry.  Fail.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sweet JESUS~ Nail Polish Haul

Holy Hell!  I got my 8ty8beauty package today (FUCKING FINALLY)  For some reason my order didn't get shipped.  So 5 days later I emailed them asking them where my conformation email was.  So I finally got the email, but the next day I get a call, saying Wild at Heart by Color Club (deep purple holo) is sold out.  YEA, well, it wasn't sold out 5 days ago when I MF ordered it!  So I got a replacement (Love 'Em Leave 'Em by Color Club, a sandy beige holo) which is lovely, but not a deep purple holo.  Now it's still on my wish list. Poop.  Well, here are the colors I did receive!

Left to Right:
Color Club: Fashion Addict, Love 'Em Leave 'Em, two Slow Jams, two Golden Girls, Coral Cascade, Ultra Violet, Wild Child, Orly's Prince Charming, OPI's "Sheer" Your Toys!, China Glaze's Far Out

Fashion Addict is a Pinky lilac holo
Love 'Em Leave 'Em is a tan holo
Slow Jam is a deep marooned brown/wine with gold shimmer
Golden Girl is a yellow/bronzey gold with tons of shimmer
Coral Cascade is a brightttt coraly orange creme (not what I was hoping for, but still nice)
Ultra Violet is an amazing magenta/purple with bright blue shimmer
Wild Child is a bright teal creme
Prince Charming is a deep chocolate milk brown creme that looks similar to You Don't Know Jacques! by OPI
"Sheer" Your Toys! is a lilaced silver gray with shimmer and tiny flecks of copper
Far Out is a reddened brown with gold shimmer

All are very pretty!  The reason I purchased two Slow Jams and two Golden Girls is because I'm giving one of each of those and Ultra Violet and Wild Child to my cousins (I have two) for christmas.  I'm trying to get them started on nail polish too, so I decided to give them two fall/winter colors, and two summer/spring colors and let them fight for who gets which!  Lol.

I can't WAIT to swatch these!!!! I think I'll do all the Color Clubs I own, (plus the two I'm giving away... they wont know!) and do a Color Club post, and then I'll do the others.  Oh my LORD I am excited!  Can you tell?

Have a lovely day, talk to you soon!


P.S. One more disappointment from 8ty8beauty:  My Prince Charming polish didn't come with the little keychain thingy!!  It was supposed to come with a little crown... I actually am kind of upset about it.  My Enchanted Forest that I also bought from 8ty8beauty came with the ugly little butterfly... WTF?  I am disappointed with their service this time.  I've ordered from them twice before and had no problems, but it seems like EVERYTHING went wrong this time.  Not sure if that means they're good with one bad problem or all over the place and unreliable?  Hmm...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hot Topic Has AWESOME Colors!

If you want a neon, or something to make people say WOAH, go to Hot Topic.  They have a bunch of crazy awesome color choices!  I own three right now, but I have a couple more in mind that I want to get.

Sorry, there are no names on the bottles!  Neon Purple, Silver Foil, Neon Orange

Kinda sheer.  Needs like 3-4 coats.  What a pain.  But way worth it!

Doesn't look this yellow, but doesn't it just GLOW?!

It really is a chameleon.  It looks this color in the bright light, but literally looks glow in the dark when its a lil darker out.  traffic cone.

It isn't this blue or this pale in real life, but it is BRIGHT (2 coats)

It's more this color in real life, though less red.  It's not red, its not blue.  It's PURPLE, dammit!


What can I even say about this polish? Two coats to full opacity.  Amazing.


So the orange is kind of annoyingly sheer, but really, it's worth the extra time.  Like most neons, the purple and orange both dry matte, but a top coat will fix that right up!  The purple is a little thick, nothing some polish thinner couldn't fix.  I've also had the orange crackle on me more than once, but I think that might be from layering it on too thick (I get impatient).  The silver is so amazing.  I thought it wasn't going to be opaque at first, and I was super sad till I actually put it on.  It makes me feel robotic! =)  One more thing, the brush is annoying, but you get used to it.  the only thing to hold onto is the tiny blak top!  Stupid design.  These are pretty cheap.  Like $3 a bottle or something?  Not sure.  Good price, tons of polish in each bottle.  I'll never run out of my beloved silver foil!


Sally's Beauty Supply~ Mini Nail Polishes!

Sally's has mini nail polishes for only 99 cents, 89 cents with your sally's card!  Can't beat it!  Must buy them!  I only found three I was interested in last time, but next time I go I might buy more.  Idk.  The formula isn't all that great, and the brush is obviously TINY.  But it's a good way to expand your color collection without having to buy a buttload of new huge polishes you might never use again.  You could probably paint your nails 5-10 times with one bottle?  Not sure.  I should do research on this.

By the way, I have no names for these polishes. Sorry!!!

each is 5.3 mL or .18 Fl Oz.

Pink with holo glitter.  It is not a holo, the holo glitter is not dense enough to make rainbows.  Still, and awesome polish.  Needed two or three coats, though.

Not color accurate.  Much more pink.

Also Not color accurate.  My camera sucks.

Holy Flying Shit Balls!  This is supposed to be purple, not blue!  But it showed the glitter nicely, so I included it.

better color representation.  Although more obviously purple in real life.  Blue and Pink glitter! Pretty!

Can you see the glitter?! =)  (two coats)

This one came out blue too, so I tried to use my computer skillzzzzz to make it color accurate.  I did an alright job!  Although the edged of the shine aren't blue in real life like they still are in the pic. Ah well.  Best stick to genetics, not computer science, I suppose.

This gold glitter is a fail in my opinion.  I knew it would be when I bought it.  But it was only 89 cents.... and I like deals. lol.  I'll probably never use it again.

So this isn't really "coats" as one would normally use.  I more just got a bunch of the polish on the brush and dabbed it/spread it around/cursed at it to get it to look like this.

The purple was a tad thick, the pink a bit sheer, and the gold just shitty.  The brush is super small, but not that hard to manage.  Overall these polishes are fine for what they are... I'm sure I'll own more someday!


A Tragedy: My ONLY Zoya Polish

Why do I only own ONE Zoya?  This must Change.  Her name is Areetha.  She's beautiful, and very lonely.

Areetha, almost color accurate (a little too red in this pic)

I tried to jazz her up a lil with a vintage Wet N Wild no name gold topper

two coats of Areetha, two coats of Gold

a no name vintage NYC icy topper

two coats Areetha, two coats Unknown!

Areetha is best enjoyed alone, OR with a glittery top coat!  She rocks.  Very opaque.  Shows ridges though.  And is streaky because its kind of a frost.  Ah well.  I still love her.