Monday, November 23, 2009

Color Club Swatches

I will edit this later when I swatch the rest of my color clubs, but I HAD to get this up because I found a new favorite, which also happens to be my NOTD. Slow Jam, which I bought because the lovely Scrangie recommended it, and it looked so good on her.  When I got it I was really disappointed by the look of it in the bottle since, as you may know, my opinion was that all wine colors were the same, but it's absolutely stunning on the nail!  So here we go!

All of the CC's I will eventually have swatches of.

The four I have yet to take decent pictures of:  Revvvolution (black or charcoal holo), With Abandon (black base with orange glitter), Ultra Violet (neon magenta purple with blue flash), and Wild Child (neon turquoise creme)

All these pictures are two coats, unless otherwise noted!

Fashion Addict.  A ridiculously holo lilac.  Beautiful.

Fashion Addict in lamp light.  Great color for spring, not so sure I'll wear it before then, though.

Fashion Addict, lamp light

Love 'Em Leave 'Em is a tan/beige color, that's also a holo, but not quite as much so as Fashion Addict

Love 'Em Leave 'Em, with flash.  This tan holo and the black holo Revvvolution are perfect holos for winter.  Holos in winter? AWESOME.

Golden Girl with flash.  Its a very bronzey gold color that shows the brush strokes.

Lamp light.  Great color for darker skin tones I think... It might be toooo yellow for me?

Coral Cascade.  This one is three coats.  This polish's application sucks.  Its a pretty color though, a very bright, possibly neon formula coral that leans towards peach.

Almost color accurate here.  You can see on my middle finger that the polish is all uneven, and that my thumb still isn't quite covered/even, but after three coats I just said "fuck it"

Slow Jam.  UGHHHH LOVE.  Isn't this color amazing?  It looks darker around the edges and lighter in the middle, so it looks like its on fire!  Especially in lower lighting.  Its a brown fig/maroon color and I absolutely love it. (picture above is closer to actual color than the two below, although it is a little more red in real life)

With flash (real color is more purple in real life)

with flash up close to show the sparkle.  Enlarge this one.  It has gold and purple glitter! Pretty!

I'll edit this post and add the other four when I feel like swatching some more.  How do you guys always have perfect pictures?  I don't feel like cleaning up my cuticles when I'm swatching, since I'm going to take the polish off in 30 seconds anyway.  I guess I'm just toooo lazy!



  1. That is really a beautiful colour. I love when polishes have little "secrets" like the glitter in that one. At first glance you think it's a wine colour but then you see the glitter and it adds a totally different dimension to your mani

  2. I definitely agree!!! The shimmer has an effect of being wine colored in the sun light because the purple and the gold mix together, but in low lamp light it makes it looks glowy! So gorgeous. I love when polishes look different depending on where you are/what kind of lighting there is!


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