Sunday, November 1, 2009


Did everyone have a lovely Halloween?? I know I did! I was a giraffe! I decided to not paint a spot on my face like I had planned because I'm TERRIBLE at not touching my face... I always smear it. So I went for the bright green eyeshadow, since I knew orange wouldn't be an exact match to my crazy colored shirt, and giraffes eat green leaves. Makes sense? No? Well..... Whatever. It did to me. lol

I used my CS 88 Color Palette, of course. Three of the greens, and a little black to darken the outter V. All matte. And then just a highlight color. Super easy. Black gel liner and black mascara. DONE! haha. I saw some pretty awesome costumes that night! =) Hope you all had fun!

Now to think about what to be next year! YES!


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