Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hard Candy Nail Polishes~ Lava and Mr. Wrong

Mr. Wrong on the left, Lava on the right:

Mr. Wrong:


Mr. Wrong was so hard to capture!!! But I tried. Mr. Wrong is a purple base with golden yellow, lime green, and coral glitter. It looks like a mirror after three coats because the glitter gets really dense. It also kind of looks silver in the sunlight because its so mirror-eque. it looks purple at an angle. Great color. My only problem is that after three coats (which it needed because its kinda see through) it took FOREVER to dry so my manicure ended up looking like crap because I always ruin them if they take too long to dry! with Lava I only did two coats (that's all it needed!), and it seemed to dry really fast. Not sure why. Lava is a bright red with yellow/gold glitter. Its beautiful. It looks like its on fire! As it should! I'm super happy with both of these colors. Of course, Scrangie has great pictures of these polishes, but she describes Mr. Wrong as taupe and silver, which I would have to disagree with (which I really don't wanna do since I'm basically in love with her!)
I really recommend the colors that I got, and I kinda wanna try Envy or Mr. Right, but how many "almost black" nail polishes should one person own? They always look black to the person you're sitting next to.


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