Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hot Topic Has AWESOME Colors!

If you want a neon, or something to make people say WOAH, go to Hot Topic.  They have a bunch of crazy awesome color choices!  I own three right now, but I have a couple more in mind that I want to get.

Sorry, there are no names on the bottles!  Neon Purple, Silver Foil, Neon Orange

Kinda sheer.  Needs like 3-4 coats.  What a pain.  But way worth it!

Doesn't look this yellow, but doesn't it just GLOW?!

It really is a chameleon.  It looks this color in the bright light, but literally looks glow in the dark when its a lil darker out.  traffic cone.

It isn't this blue or this pale in real life, but it is BRIGHT (2 coats)

It's more this color in real life, though less red.  It's not red, its not blue.  It's PURPLE, dammit!


What can I even say about this polish? Two coats to full opacity.  Amazing.


So the orange is kind of annoyingly sheer, but really, it's worth the extra time.  Like most neons, the purple and orange both dry matte, but a top coat will fix that right up!  The purple is a little thick, nothing some polish thinner couldn't fix.  I've also had the orange crackle on me more than once, but I think that might be from layering it on too thick (I get impatient).  The silver is so amazing.  I thought it wasn't going to be opaque at first, and I was super sad till I actually put it on.  It makes me feel robotic! =)  One more thing, the brush is annoying, but you get used to it.  the only thing to hold onto is the tiny blak top!  Stupid design.  These are pretty cheap.  Like $3 a bottle or something?  Not sure.  Good price, tons of polish in each bottle.  I'll never run out of my beloved silver foil!


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