Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Konad~ Lava and Black Pearl Zebra

Base Coat: Essie's Fill the Gap
Polish Color: Lava by Hard Candy (found at walmart)
Design: Konad Special Polish in Black Pearl with plate m57
Top Coat: Konad Special Top Coat

Awesome no? I painted my nails with Lava yesterday and I was staring at it all night because it looks awesome. But then I got dressed this morning and realized: I NEVER wear red, and when I do, it's not this orangy-red. In fact I am wearing a very fall-eque outfit filled with burnt orange-brown boots, a cream purple dusty pink and grey top, and a dusty pink cardigan... DOES NOT GO WITH ORANGE-RED OH LORD HAVE MERCY! I don't need to match... I just need to GO. lol. But seriously, it clashed soo badly. But instead of taking my nail polish off and repainting in a more fall color like a normal person, I decided to put a black zebra print on top... that'll fix it right? .......right? haha. As AWESOME as it looks, it still doesn't quite go with my fall wardrobe. I'm gonna mattify it tomorrow with my Matte Magic Topcoat from China Glaze and then I'll get rid of it entirely friday and go for something less... well... red. (btw I adore dark reds, raspberries, and the like for fall, just not this crazy fire color)

BTW I was trying to think when this color WOULD be appropriate and I really couldn't think of anything. It's too orange for christmas, and let me repeat that I never ever wear anything in this color family. No crazy bright oranges for me thanks (k cool my lettering is orange. haha) but yea I don't WEAR orange. When is this a good color? Summer? I can't decide.


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