Monday, November 16, 2009

Milani~ Dreamy Creme and Spellbinding

I went to my local CVS drugstore and found that Milani Nail Colors were buy one get one free!!!!  So I bought Spellbinding and Dreamy Creme:

I of course wanted to try out Spellbinding because it may (or may not) be a dupe or good alternative to China Glaze's Lubu Heels (not sure, I don't own it, I'll get back to you!)  So I picked Spellbinding up right away. It looks amazing.  It's my NOTD (nail of the day) today and I'm absolutely love love loving it =)

with flash

with flash

blurred to show glitter

without flash (natural light)

direct sunlight

My swatch is two coats.  The black wasn't totally black with one, and there wasn't enough glitter, but two built it up nicely and I don't think it needs a third.  As you can see, it unfortunately looks pretty much black in the normal lights in a room or wherever you are most likely to be (office, bus, home, school, BED lol) so I'm pretty sure all of the boys and most of the girls will just think you're wearing black, but if someone sees it in the sun or cares about nail polish enough to look closely, this polish is mesmerizing.  It truly is "Spellbinding" lol.  It's a semi fitting polish for me to wear tonight (huge meteor shower tonight) since its vampy and sparkly and the glitter really does look like red starts, but this collection also includes a polish with blue glitter and one with silver glitter and either of those would be more appropriate lol.  Actually, OPI's Holiday Glow from their Holiday Wishes Winter 2009 Collection would be PERFECT for this occasion!  Ok on to the next polish!

lamp light

with flash

natural light

direct sunlight

Dreamy Creme needed three coats.  Even then you can see a faint nail line, especially at an angle with the shimmer isn't as well....... shimmery.  But this is a super nice color.  It looks literally like your fingernails are made out of pearls.  I should have cleaned up my cuticles but I didn't for some reason.... Laziness maybe.  As nice as this color is, it was actually my nail of the day earlier today and I changed it.  I had it on for all of 16 hours, and 7 of those were sleeping.  But that's ok with me, its a great color to have in your collection IMO.  It's fancy and classy and clean looking without being blindingly white.  I don't usually wear white nail polish because I think it's too harsh, but this isn't at all!  its really pretty.  Dainty even!

I really really wanted Whimsical which is the black with purple glitter, but of course they were out =(  They did have Magical, which is black with orange glitter, but I already own Color Club's With Abandon so I didn't want to buy it.  That's the catch 22, isn't it?  I don't want to actually buy the polishes I think are dupes because I don't want two bottles of the same nail polish, but I really wanna know how similar they are.  Can't I just do one little swatchy-poo of every single polish in the world??? Is that SO much to ask!??! haha.


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