Monday, November 30, 2009

Mini Merries~ Comet Loves Cupid

So as you may know if you read this blog I bought the Mini Merries Collection by OPI.  It included Comet Loves Cupid, All A-bordeaux the Sled, Shim-merry Chic, and Holiday Glow.  I swatched them very terribly before, and so they're still on my list of polishes to swatch.  So;

The box said it was a "classic" red.  And yes.  Classic, indeed.  I think it's also boring.  Although it wasn't really orangey, I still like my red cremes to be less orange than this one.  A little more on the purple or pink side.  This is perfectly fine for a holiday red, or a bright red for a party or layering or whatever.  But in my opinion, nothing special.


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