Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NOTD~ OPI's At Your Quebec and Call & OPI's "Sheer" Your Toys!

Holy SHIT.

AYQAC with flash (almost color accurate, but more green less brown)

AYQAC with lamp light

Close-up of AYQAC (actual color is more green)

OMFG.  I bought this color on Ebay because I believe it was a Canada Exclusive color, and it might even be discontinued.  It's an olive green with golden shimmer, and I had a hard time capturing it.   The visible brush stroke goes away after the third coat (which is what's pictured here, and what it needed).  The formula was watery and a tad sheer, and the brush was skinny.  But not that hard to apply if you're careful.  But even with all that work it's MORE than worth it!  LOOK AT THIS COLOR.  Perfection.

SYT!, with flash

SYT!, no flash, lamp light

Enlarge this one.  Look at the awesome copper flecks!

"Sheer" Your Toys! from OPI's Holiday in Toyland collection is awesome.  It's a silvery gray with a drop of lilac, and copper flecks.  It's truly awesome and unique.  I'm super happy with both of these OPI's.  This needed three coats I believe?  I may be wrong; it may only be two.  My only issue is that I wish the copper flecks were bigger, no one I run into or sit next to is EVER going to notice them.  Unfortunately polish-lovers like ourselves are few and far-between, or at least that's what it seems like in Davis!

I actually paid a little less for AYQAC than a normal OPI price.  And no shipping.  Awesome.  So sometimes you can get discontinued stuff for reasonable prices.  But this color was worth that much and more!  I absolutely love it.  Also, I got my SYT! on 8ty8beauty, so it was also less than buying an OPI at an actual beauty supply store, too.  SCORE!  I'll try to get swatches of all of my OPI's (I don't own very many) on here someday soon, but I still have to finish swatching my Color Club's first!

Also, I purchased Shield from the Wet n Wild Craze Collection.  I already had Rustic, I kinda want the one thats called Envy or something to that extent, and maybe a couple of others but maybe I already own enough polish?  hahahaha.... naw.  But I'll get those up eventually.  I also wanna get up my two Orly's from the Once Upon A Time Collection; Prince Charming and Enchanted Forest.  MMM!


p.s. I'm going to my Dad's house for Thanksgiving, which is why I painted my nails with AYQAC, since it's PERFECT for this holiday (and I just got it in the mail yesterday and I was stooooked!) =) Happy Thanksgiving!

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