Saturday, November 14, 2009

OPI Holiday Wishes~ Mini Merries and More

So I went to my local beauty supply store today looking for Essie's Meet Balls (yea, that's the polish name lol) and I couldn't find it.  I did, however, find this mini merries collection from OPI.  It comes with four polishes, Comet Loves Cupid, All A-bordeaux the Sled, Holiday Glow, and Shim-merry Chic.  I was kind of contemplating buying the full size bottle of Shim-merry Chic since its a bronzed-gold version of Merry Midnight, but I decided to get the other three colors as well.  Hell, you can probably paint your nails like 15-20 times with one of these bottles.  It's 3.75 mL or 1/8 Fl. Oz. each, as opposed to 15 mL of .5 Fl. Oz. in a big bottle.  Also, the brushes and holes in the tops of the bottles are smaller (the hole is TOO small! hard to get the brush back in sometimes!)

So, the colors are:

Comet Loves Cupid:

I couldn't get a good picture of the bottle.  It kept turning orange.  It's your average red creme.  It's described on the box as a "classic" red.  Yea.  Classic aka OVERDONE.

All A-bordeaux the Sled:

Again, not the best color depiction.  My swatches later are better.  The box says "Dash in for this luscious shade of wine!"  It's wine colored all right!

Holiday Glow:

It looks kinda brown in this picture but in the bottle it looks very purple/red with charcoal gray and silver glitter.  The box says "Charcoal grey glowing with a touch of silver."  I'd say dead on about the touch of silver part, and yes it is charcoal, but it DEFINITELY has purple undertones.  Who writes this shit?

Shim-merry Chic: (the star of the mini collection)

What a shitty picture of this bottle.  Uhh, you'll see better pictures later I promise.  The box says "A gorgeous glimmer of bronzed gold."  There you go! Dead on!

I tried to capture the Opalescent Flakes in the Second picture, and kind of got them in Shim-merry Chic. Merry Midnight in the first picture is a pretty good depiction, but the Shem-merry Chic got all washed out and too bright of gold.  Anyway, that's just so you could see they're the same exact polish in two different colors.  LOVE.

Comet Loves Cupid is two coats and is good with that amount (first pic is more color accurate), All A-bordeaux the sled is two coats there but needs three, Holiday Glow is three coats and needs it, same with Shim-merry Chic.  Merry Midnight got two or three coats, I can't remember, but needs another.

So while painting All A-bordeaux the Sled, I realized that it's quite similar to a couple other polishes I already own (bummer).  So I got them out and compared:

NYC Color 248B Manhattan, OPI's All A-bordeaux the Sled, China Glaze's Evening Seduction

Same order.

So yes, I agree that they are quite different with the flash, and if that's how they looked on the nail I'd have no problem owning all three.  However, without the flash and on the nail in real life:

Left: All A-bordeaux the Sled, Right: Evening Seduction

Ok So they have minute differences.  However, Manhattan in my opinion may not be a dupe, but is just as good as All A-bordeaux the Sled, and is much cheaper.  Also, I just don't really like Evening Seduction in general.  It looks black in most lights, and it's a BITCH to remove.  I regret buying it.  OH WELL, too late now!!! lol

Overall I suppose I'm glad I bought this package.  If you bought four 3.75 mL versions, you would have exactly the amount of polish in one large, 15 mL version.  So since it was $1.45 more expensive than buying one large polish, you basically pay $1.45 for four options instead of one.  However, I don't see myself using All A-bordeaux the Sled or Comet Loves Cupid on a regular basis.  Those tiny polishes will probably last me years and years.  But I wouldn't have even thought to try Holiday Glow if it hadn't come with this package, and I actually like it quite a bit.  And I'm super glad I now own Shim-merry Chic, even if it is tiny.  Great color.  And hell, if I run out of Shim-merry Chic at least now I know I love it and it would be worth it to buy a big one.  I would have liked this package more if it hadn't included what I consider "dupable" and "non-unique" polishes like All A-bordeaux the Sled and Comet Loves Cupid.  I would have rather seen Glove You So Much and Ginger Bells along with Holiday Glow and Shim-merry Chic (Cmon, OPI, You KNOW those would have been better choices!)  but I'm still glad to have tried some new stuff from OPI.  Plus I'll never run out of red creme again. lol.


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