Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Polish Swatches~ Orly and Wet n Wild

Wet N Wild "Rustic" from the Craze Collection

Orly "Enchanted Forest" (First is color accurate, second is NOT)

I've been waiting weeks to try Enchanted Forest and about a week for Rustic (they've been sitting on my desk unopened because I have so many new polishes). I saw Scrangie's posts on both and or course I had to have them. Enchanted Forest is from Orly's Fall 2009 Once Upon a Time collection. I also really wanna get Prince Charming, because it looks like a good alternative to the original You Don't Know Jacques by OPI and I really love that polish, but I don't wanna spent 9 dollars on it since I already paid 9 dollars for the Suede version.
So I went to Walmart to pick up the Wet N Wild Craze polishes is Rustic and Shield. They were almost out of everything, but happened to have ONE Rustic left, so I SNATCHED it! But alas, no Shield ='( Shield is a light goldey tan color that I must have for winter! I'll probably just go back to Walmart and look again some other time. The Wet N Wild polishes are less than $2 and the Orly was like $3.18 or something like that on 8ty8beauty.com. I think I'll order Prince Charming next! And I'm ordering way way way too many Color Club polishes off of there too. They make great stuff. Really underrated brand, in my opinion. Anyway, both polishes seem great, but I suppose I won't know for sure until I wear them on more than just one finger (you can even see that my index finger isn't painted in the last picture lol!!)

That's all for now, off to buy more stuff!


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