Sunday, November 1, 2009

Review: NYC in a new york minute color

OPI's Linkin Park After Dark

China Glaze's VII
Money grows on trees, right? ....right?

So more nail polish shopping. Scrangie is always inspiring me to go out there and get some new colors! My collection is pretty good for someone who kinda likes nail polish, but terrible for someone who is a nail buff... which I don't pretend to be, but hey, I'm trying to expand my entire "beauty collection" not just my makeup. So I went to sally beauty supply to look at the china glazes. I wasn't planning on buying any, since they're much cheaper at, i just wanted to see the colors in person. But I did pick up these cute little sample nail polishes for a dollar each that are Sally brand. I got a large gold hexagonal glitter, a holo looking pink (that I haven't tried yet so I don't know how holo it will be, and a purple with purple blue and silver tiny glitter.) I think they might have names, but they don't say anything on the bottle. I also went to Sally's with buying the Matte Magic topcoat in mind, and they only had tiny bottles, but I bought one anyway. I don't even know how much it cost. That's how much I wanted/needed it. lol. At target I was looking at the polishes and saw what I thought could be a dupe for China Glaze's VII, but I thought "no I'm not gonna by nail polish today", well, about 2 minutes later I found not a dupe, but what I thought might be a good alternative to OPI's Linkin Park After Dark, and decided to buy it. Then I decided to buy this NYC polish called "Starry Silver Glitter" that's medium silver glitter with big blue and pink/purple glitter. For some reason though, I forgot that I had lifted my nail polish ban and didn't pick up the VII dupe. I went back and bought it and a couple other things today. I'll do a review on the other nail polishes when I wear them, but I put my VII dupe on tonight and let me tell you. AWESOME.

It's 244B Downtown. It would be a blood red except its a tad to pink/purple for that. A creme, no shimmer. Brilliant shine, and I bet it looks BOMB matte. I will have to investigate this in a day or two.

So the color I'm wearing and talking about, Downtown, is on the left. I'm sorry my camera is so shitty. I don't know how to make it focus up close. In the middle is my Linkin Park after dark Alternative, although I think it fails. I just don't really like that LPAD is so damn dark! If i wanted everyone to think I was wearing black polish, I'd wear black polish! LPAD is more purple, and the one I bought is more Merlot colored. But I like the color... It actually might be a slightly darker version of OPI's Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ. I will investigate this further.
The polish on the right is China Glaze's Evening Seduction. In my opinion, if you have one almost black raspberry color, you have them all. So LPAD will not be added to my collection any time soon by choice.

I wish I actually owned China Glaze's VII to compare, but I don't. I can't tell you if it is a good dupe or not. (helpful, right?) But if I run into it at a solon I'll paint one nail and then go home and compare. Then I'll let you know. But even on its own, this color rocks. Great formulation on these New York Minute polishes, too. I might pick up some more.

Haha, the three colors next to each other look like a gradient to me. I bought one more that was similar to Downtown, but a little more greyed out. I'll do a review on that one as soon as I wear it.


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