Friday, November 13, 2009

Sally Hansen HD Opulent Cloud~Take One

So I went to Rite Aid and found the HD display.  There was a pink, a blue, and a brown, but the fabled Opulent Cloud was no where to be seen!  So what did I do?  Give up?  NO.  I went on and found another Rite Aid in my area!  I wanted this polish, dammit!

Ok so please let me explain why my right hand is the only one pictured here (I'm right handed, meaning my left should be better, right?) and why it looks like total crap (tip wear and smudges).
I put two coats on my nails, after having let my base coat (Essie Fill the Gap) dry completely.  Then I literally sat watching Away We Go with John Krasinski for like 30 minutes waiting for it to dry like a good little girl.  Oh you have an itch?  Well guess what, your polish hasn't dried in 30 full minutes! muahaha!  (that was the nail polish devil speaking, I suppose)  Seriously WTF?  and the polish continued to be wet and I continued to fuck it up for the next couple hours!  What kind of polish doesn't dry in two hours?!?!  Opulent Cloud, apparently.
Enough bitching, onto the color.  Opulent Cloud is an amazing color.  A lavender steel blue gray with gold shimmer.  It might be considered a "light duochrome" because in bright lights it looks like grayed out lavender with gold shimmer and in less light it looks steel blue/gray with gold shimmer and in the dim light it looks gray.  It's fantastic.  It frikken sucks to wait for to dry though.  I think I will do buy some drip dry or something of the like because I am the worst at ruining manis this way, and I so envy girls with perfect, divot free polish.  Maybe I'll try again tomorrow?  Because right now it looks like shit.


EDIT:  I did do it again the next day using:

Evni Nail Enamel Dryer, which is just alcohol in an aerosol can... works pretty damn well and only cost 3.99 for the huge bottle, and:

The famous Seche Vite!!! I finally picked some up, and thought the 8.99 price tag was hefty, but after using it I'm thinking it could be well worth it!!!


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