Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sally Hansen~ Nail Prisms (Amazing polishes I didn't even know I had!)

One day when I was little my Mother said to me "Let's go buy a bunch of new makeup!"  I was thrilled.  We went to target and just bought whatever we felt like!  We picked out three Sally Hansen Polishes.  They were part of the now discontinues and highly coveted Nail Prisms Collection!  (If I had known they'd be so popular in the future I would have gotten them all!)  I thought they were amazing at the time (which is probably why they're all half empty) but I had no idea how much I'd love them now that I'm a polish addict!  So I had some time after a midterm I had today (I rocked it) so I decided to do some swatches for you lovelies since I know people want to see pictures of these hot vintage items!

I have a lot of pictures of each so bear with me!

My Three Beloved Bottles: Emerald Amethyst, Coral Amber, and Blush Diamond

Blush Diamond with Flash (HOLO!!!)

Blush Diamond with flash

Blush Diamond without flash, lamp light

Coral Amber (I don't know why I could only get the orange to show up, but it looks predominately pink in real life)

Coral Amber.  In real life it looks mostly the color in the top (left) of the bottle

Coral Amber

Emerald Amethyst.  I had issues with capturing this too.  It looks mostly like the purple in the top (left) of the bottle, NOT what my nails look like here.

Emerald Amethyst.  When you look from an angle, they are this army green color. Drool.

Great shot of both phases!

Color accurate in the bottle only.

Pretty much color accurate.

Lovely no?  I'm so glad I have these!  Emerald Amethyst is getting kinda clumpy because its so old and well loved, but Blush Diamond works like new!  Those are my two favorites.  Coral Amber just doesn't really do it for me.  Idk why.  Maybe it's because the duochrome is too similar?  Coral and Pink?  Plus its super sheer.  Needed 4 coats, but I only did three.  Blush Diamond needed four as well, but TOTALLY worth it.  Looks amazing.  Emerald Amethyst only needs two!  Yay.  I love these polishes.  They're my babies =)


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  1. Try putting them over a black or dark is like magic!


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