Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sally's Beauty Supply~ Mini Nail Polishes!

Sally's has mini nail polishes for only 99 cents, 89 cents with your sally's card!  Can't beat it!  Must buy them!  I only found three I was interested in last time, but next time I go I might buy more.  Idk.  The formula isn't all that great, and the brush is obviously TINY.  But it's a good way to expand your color collection without having to buy a buttload of new huge polishes you might never use again.  You could probably paint your nails 5-10 times with one bottle?  Not sure.  I should do research on this.

By the way, I have no names for these polishes. Sorry!!!

each is 5.3 mL or .18 Fl Oz.

Pink with holo glitter.  It is not a holo, the holo glitter is not dense enough to make rainbows.  Still, and awesome polish.  Needed two or three coats, though.

Not color accurate.  Much more pink.

Also Not color accurate.  My camera sucks.

Holy Flying Shit Balls!  This is supposed to be purple, not blue!  But it showed the glitter nicely, so I included it.

better color representation.  Although more obviously purple in real life.  Blue and Pink glitter! Pretty!

Can you see the glitter?! =)  (two coats)

This one came out blue too, so I tried to use my computer skillzzzzz to make it color accurate.  I did an alright job!  Although the edged of the shine aren't blue in real life like they still are in the pic. Ah well.  Best stick to genetics, not computer science, I suppose.

This gold glitter is a fail in my opinion.  I knew it would be when I bought it.  But it was only 89 cents.... and I like deals. lol.  I'll probably never use it again.

So this isn't really "coats" as one would normally use.  I more just got a bunch of the polish on the brush and dabbed it/spread it around/cursed at it to get it to look like this.

The purple was a tad thick, the pink a bit sheer, and the gold just shitty.  The brush is super small, but not that hard to manage.  Overall these polishes are fine for what they are... I'm sure I'll own more someday!


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