Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sweet JESUS~ Nail Polish Haul

Holy Hell!  I got my 8ty8beauty package today (FUCKING FINALLY)  For some reason my order didn't get shipped.  So 5 days later I emailed them asking them where my conformation email was.  So I finally got the email, but the next day I get a call, saying Wild at Heart by Color Club (deep purple holo) is sold out.  YEA, well, it wasn't sold out 5 days ago when I MF ordered it!  So I got a replacement (Love 'Em Leave 'Em by Color Club, a sandy beige holo) which is lovely, but not a deep purple holo.  Now it's still on my wish list. Poop.  Well, here are the colors I did receive!

Left to Right:
Color Club: Fashion Addict, Love 'Em Leave 'Em, two Slow Jams, two Golden Girls, Coral Cascade, Ultra Violet, Wild Child, Orly's Prince Charming, OPI's "Sheer" Your Toys!, China Glaze's Far Out

Fashion Addict is a Pinky lilac holo
Love 'Em Leave 'Em is a tan holo
Slow Jam is a deep marooned brown/wine with gold shimmer
Golden Girl is a yellow/bronzey gold with tons of shimmer
Coral Cascade is a brightttt coraly orange creme (not what I was hoping for, but still nice)
Ultra Violet is an amazing magenta/purple with bright blue shimmer
Wild Child is a bright teal creme
Prince Charming is a deep chocolate milk brown creme that looks similar to You Don't Know Jacques! by OPI
"Sheer" Your Toys! is a lilaced silver gray with shimmer and tiny flecks of copper
Far Out is a reddened brown with gold shimmer

All are very pretty!  The reason I purchased two Slow Jams and two Golden Girls is because I'm giving one of each of those and Ultra Violet and Wild Child to my cousins (I have two) for christmas.  I'm trying to get them started on nail polish too, so I decided to give them two fall/winter colors, and two summer/spring colors and let them fight for who gets which!  Lol.

I can't WAIT to swatch these!!!! I think I'll do all the Color Clubs I own, (plus the two I'm giving away... they wont know!) and do a Color Club post, and then I'll do the others.  Oh my LORD I am excited!  Can you tell?

Have a lovely day, talk to you soon!


P.S. One more disappointment from 8ty8beauty:  My Prince Charming polish didn't come with the little keychain thingy!!  It was supposed to come with a little crown... I actually am kind of upset about it.  My Enchanted Forest that I also bought from 8ty8beauty came with the ugly little butterfly... WTF?  I am disappointed with their service this time.  I've ordered from them twice before and had no problems, but it seems like EVERYTHING went wrong this time.  Not sure if that means they're good with one bad problem or all over the place and unreliable?  Hmm...

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