Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BB Couture~ Opposites Attract

I got free shipping on BB Coutures on black friday!  So I ordered Opposites Attract- a medium to dark gray creme with glass flecks, and Laguna Lagoon- A light mint creme.  Both were on my wish list! Hurray!  I also ordered the Zoya black friday package, which was buy 20 dollar worth of stuff and get 6 free Zoyas- all green.  So That should be here soon as well, and then I'm pretty sure I have enough polish to paint a boat!

Ok, so my current NOTD is Opposites Attract... I couldn't WAIT to get it on my nails!

With Flash

No Flash

So, I love the color.  The slightness of the glass flecks in my opinion is perfect.  It looks like a creme from far away.  It's deep enough to be edgy, but not too deep that you can't tell that it's gray.  It's a tiny bit more blue than I would have liked, but not extremely.  It also seemed to dry fairly fast, and only needed two coats for opacity.  However, the application was an absolute bitch.  It was runny and yet thick, and glooped on (yea, I said 'glooped').  It got allll over my cuticles.  The glass flecks made it grainy and difficult, but that is fixed with a nice thick topcoat, such as my favorite Seche Vite.  Overall I'm glad I bought it since I a) didn't own any BB Coutures, b) Love love LOVE the color, and c) got free shipping.  But seriously, it was annoying to apply.  I'm hoping Laguna Lagoon is better.  I'll let you know!


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  1. That's a really pretty shade on you. You've maybe gotten some bad batch of polish.


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