Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog Tag!

Aw, yay!  Stephanie from Short n Chic tagged me!  I feel so loved.
So I guess for this tag you write 7 facts about yourself, and then tag a few blogs.  Alrighty!

1.) I'm a genetics major at UC Davis.  You may have already known that.  But, when I was younger, I hated science.  I wanted to be a pop singer, of course!  But then my Junior year I took a Microbiology and Genetics class at my high school with a man named Davis Crissman.  He changed my life!  I got 100% in that class.  I loved it, and decided to make it my major.

2.) I plan on going to grad school to get a masters in Genetic Counseling, and well... become a Genetic Counselor.  Basically they just help people feel better about themselves and make hard decisions they couldn't make on their own.  But I think these things are extremely important.  I have a very common genetic disorder, called Marfan Syndrome.  I found this out when I was 12, because my mom was watching a show on TLC about the disorder, and realized that I was the perfect candidate.  When I went to the doctor I got no information.  He was cold and matter of fact.  I had to do the research on my own.  I want to help people NOT go through was I did during this time in my life, people deserve information and help!

3.) I used to dance!  I did ballet in elementary school and jr. high and a little in high school and college, I danced on my jr. high school's jazz team, and I was on my high school's hip hop team.  Yes.  Me.  The 5'9" 115 pound white girl.  I was damn good too!

4.) I love to draw.  I am in the process of designing a possible tattoo for myself (I'm so scared of pain/needles!) that is a couple of lilies.  I've redone it probably about 10 times so far.  I also designed my best friend Colin's tattoo (well, one of the many), and am very proud to have my art on his body forever! But my favorite thing to draw is anything is Yosemite Valley.

5.) Speaking of Yosemite Valley, it's my favorite place I've ever been.  I've been there about 15-16 times, and I can't wait to go back! It was a family tradition growing up to go around Christmas time.  It's so peaceful.  It's my reset button.

6.) The reason I haven't been to Yosemite in a couple of years is because my parents are getting divorced right now.  My mom moved out spring of '08.  I was a couple weeks shy of 19 when she told us.  I've had a really hard time with it, and actually, still deal with it on a daily basis.  So, the family tradition is no longer a tradition, since my family is no longer the same family it once was.

7.) I work in a viticulture lab (wine grape growing science).  I am a genetic research assistant there.  I am doing experiments on the water uptake proteins and their density in the roots of different grape vines.  I do this using a PCR machine (and a whole hell lot of other machines along the way).  I absolutely hate lab work, but I like my boss and coworkers, and I need a job, so I stay.  Sigh.

Thanks for reading my facts, I hope you got to know me a little better.  I'm silly, weird, and sassy.  Let's be friends! =)

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  1. Hi! I'm Maya; I came across your blog through Google Alerts. I think it's great you're going to be a genetic counselor! I initially went to college to study that but ended up getting my masters in public health to be a patient navigator, which is a very similar career but fewer math classes, lol.

    Are you active with the NMF? I don't know if you've heard about NMF Connect, but we have a cool social networking site just for Marfs & people with related disorders: You should check it out.

    Anyway, happy New Year and good luck with classes!

  2. Oh I forgot to mention I have Marfan too, LOL!

  3. congrats on the blog award!


  4. That's too cool that you want to be a genetic counselor! What a noble career choice. I've worked in a couple labs myself, which is funny because I don't really like the sciences. First I worked in a breast cancer research lab, then a leukemia research lab and then I was basically a secretary for a cardiologist. I've done some PCR in my day, and I'm also a mean gel-loader.


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