Sunday, December 20, 2009

Covergirl Blush=Coralista?

Can it be true?!  I found Coralista at an Ulta in AZ with my mom.  I've wanted it ever since I heard about it.  I love peach blush.  It seemed right up my alley.  But I wasn't going to spend 30 dollars on a blush I wasn't positive was a must have.  I found this 3 shade Covergirl blush for like 3 dollars, and it looked really similar in color.  I'm also all about contouring, so this seemed great!

I'm not seeing a name.  I'm not sure if 3 is the color shade, or if that's just there because there's three colors per blush... but anyway, you can see that it's a pinky coral/peach color.  It has some shimmer like Coralista.  There's more shimmer in the highlight color, which makes sense.  The contouring color is more plum, which I also like.  The blushes have great color payoff!  I'm really loving it

Ta da! What do you guys think of it?  I know it's hard to tell with blush because it's not very bright and it looks different on different skin tones, but I'm really loving it!  New favorite =)  Highly recommended!


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