Tuesday, December 29, 2009


DUDES.  So, remember when I said I was at my Dad's and everything was being sent to my Apt?  Well, I'm back in Davis now, so I got ALMOST all of my nail polish... And I say almost because my Dad ordered me my RBL polishes since I was on the road the entire 5 hours of the sale and he (even though I told him to send it to my apt) had them sent to his house, and they didn't get there in time!!! GRRR.  I got Scrangie and Locavore.  I want themmmmmm.  Oh well, I have WAY more than enough to hold me over until then:

Click to enlarge!  Zoya matte velvet collection, the 6 greenfriday zoyas, ki, demi, and joy, BB Couture Dragons Breath and Moon over Manhattan, and Nfu Oh 51

 Posh, Dovima, and Loredana

I won these from Kelly at VampyVarnish from her Zoya Matte Velvet Giveaway!  So sweet, she even sent me a christmas card.  Aw =)  Made my day!  Thanks, Kelly!!  Can't wait to try them!

Dragon's Breath and Moon Over Manhattan

I was very very lucky to be sent these by the owner of BB Couture, Cindy, with a lot of help from Kim who runs overallbeauty.com!  Such nice and helpful women.  I am so lucky! =)

OH LOOK! MY FIRST NFU OH!  Nfu Oh 51, amazing.  I cannot wait to try this one out!

Sorry no swatches right now, but I just had to show you all the awesome stuff I got!  Once I have my new RBL's, I'll be done buying polish for a whillllle (or maybe just until Up & Away hits the shelves!)

Thanks for reading, have a great night!


  1. such a great haul! gorgeous polishes =)))) you lucky girl! I can't wait to see the swatches =)

  2. Holy haul, batman! Good stuff :) I have the matte velvets from Zoya (well, two of the three. I don't have the black one) and I like them. I of course have the green matte too from the Green Friday goings on. Where did you pick up the Nfu Oh? I think I need to get my little paws on a couple of those.

  3. Great polish haul Kelsea!!! I am obsessed with the NFU OH - it looks so gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more pictures of them all :)

  4. Woah, huge polish haul! I'm super jealous of your Nfu Oh 51!

    xo Caitlin


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