Monday, December 21, 2009

KOTD and 5 Guys I Used to Like TAG!

Hey guys!!! I decided to konad it up today, with a little cheetah print over Chinchilly!  I used OPI's Pamplona Purple and a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Gold, and I think it came out pretty awesomely!

With Flash

No flash

Cute right?? I'm really bad at konad still.  You can see its really smeary.  I think my right hand might be a little better than my left though?  Haha.  I'm glad Pamplona Purple was opaque enough to stand out, and I really like the Nail Art Pen I got.  Highly recommended!  =)

Ok.  Onto the tag!!!

JTT.  Of course.  What girl my age didn't love him in the 90's?  He was my first celeb crush =)


OMG.  Look at that picture.  I love a man in a suit, especially when that man is this man.  It crushed me when I found out he was a smoker when I was like 8. Haha.

Oh what up Jesse?  Haha.  Yep.  He's cute.  Admit it.

Johnny Depp will be my husband someday.  He just doesn't know it yet!  (Sorry Evil Angel, I know you want him!) Haha.  He's also my current obsession.  I've been in love with this man (whom I don't know) for years.  Pathetic?  Naw...............

Welp!  That's it!  I have many more "current" celeb crushes, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Laurie, John Krazinski, etc...  But these are the 5 from my childhood =)

I don't know who hasn't been tagged yet, but if you are on my blog roll, and you would like to do this, I tag you! (You're it!)

Thanks for reading guys!


  1. Oh but Johnny is a smoker too...only he's a sexy smoker who rolls his back off my BF! lol

  2. I love, love the color combo of your mani. And I love that picture of Johnny =)

  3. I know!!! It's not quite the big deal it was when I was 8 when "all people that smoke DIE" kind of thing was going around in elementary school etc! haha.

    And thanks guys! =)


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