Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NOTD~ Color Club Ultra Violet

Hey guys! I decided to go with a nail polish that was really bright and fun, since I'll be wearing mostly gray and black on my trip (since it's easier to mix and match stuff that way!!) So here it is, the most awesome and crazy magenta of all time: CC Ultra Violet

With flash.  Pretty much color accurate.

No flash.  Lovely.

So this color is awesome.  It's a bright purpley magenta with bright blue shimmer.  Although it took 3 coats to be bottle color, and you can still see VNL, I love it anyway.  The formula is great.  So it wasn't terrible to do three coats.  I'm excited to have this color be my mani for the next few days.  It's so bright and happy!  Have a lovely few days, I'll miss you!



  1. I love this color, it looks great on you!

  2. Hey, it's Brooke from Getcha Nails Did. For some reason my blog is not letting me add your blog to my lists. I have tried like 6 times. I will keep trying, but I can't see why it won't let me add you.

  3. This color is so fun like you said, and it suits your skin tone so well :), I hope you have a nice stay at your mom's.

  4. you have beautiful nails...love the color!

    hope you can stop by and follow my blog! www.thesocietyofstyle.com


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