Thursday, December 10, 2009

NOTD~ French Manicure by NYC

So I'm done with finals!!!! I have a new NOTD on, but I wanted to show you what I put on while I was studying last night just so my nails wouldn't be bare, because I kept biting them!  (A nasty habit I do when I'm nervous!!)


Hi-lighter... My only friend for the past few days.

My cat! Tucker!

Aw, he's so cute =)

I put 3 coats of NYC's French Manicure on my nails because I didn't want to do any cleanup.  I actually like the way it looked, and would wear it more often if I didn't have so many awesome colors! haha.  It would be perfect for a desk job that required business appropriate nails!  I'm so happy to be done with finals!!!

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