Friday, December 25, 2009

NOTD~ Hot Topic Colors and Haul =)

Happy holidays everyone!  I hope everyone that celebrates Christmas had a great one!  I had a lovely day... We opened our gifts and ate delicious 'sausage souffle' which is my favorite breakfast!  Then we watched my brother's new movie Star Trek (which is great, btw... I saw it in theaters!) and then we headed to the theater to see Sherlock Holmes, which was good!  We've just been hanging out the rest of the time.  Very relaxing and fun.

So anyway, on Christmas eve, my brother took me to the mall (well, I drove) and bought me some stuff from hot topic (I LOVE that store!!!).  He bought me "up to 20 dollars worth of stuff".  So I got a necklace I've been really wanting and some adorable hair bows, and then of course stocked up on Hot Topic Nail Polish, which is one of my all time favorite brands (despite their TERRIBLE brush and handle)

Awww =)  So cute!  Purple, pink, and bright blue zebra bows, and a big hello kitty necklace with a hot pink chain.  Yay!

I wasn't actually going to post these nail polishes until I was done swatching all of them, but then I took pictures of the teal on the left and I just couldn't wait!!! You'll see why I'm so excited about it.
Look at how awesome these are.  A teal shimmer, a deep purple glitter, a bright blue glitter, a deep dark teal shimmer, and a blue and pink mix of glitter. AMAZING.  I seriously wanted to buy every single polish they make.  I love this brand and their crazy out there color options!

With Flash.  Look at that amazing shimmer.  BUT:

No flash.  I promise you this is the same polish!!! I think it's because it's partially neon that it's screwing with my camera so badly.  It dried kind of satin-y.  The base is teal, and the shimmer is more green.  It's not blue like this at all.  It's also not as green as the flash pictures show.  It's somewhere in between.  But its definitely a more green teal, because I'm wearing a (what I would consider) true teal jacket, and the polish is more green than it.  It glows.  It's teal on fire.  It's sparkly, and beautiful, and you can see it from space.  It is one of the coolest neon nail polishes I have ever seen!!!  I put three coats.  Two was preeeetty much opaque, but it was kinda uneven so it needed the third to even everything out.  Clean up was difficult, but it is so worth it.  This is seriously one of the coolest colors I've ever seen in my life.

These hot topic polishes are $2.99 each.  The cap is sooo difficult to hold and use, and the brush stem is so long, and the brush itself is really small and shitty.  The bottle looks awesome, but I don't think it's worth the trouble. They should really redo their bottles!  But their ability to make OUT there colors that no one else is doing is perfection.  I absolutely love their options!  MMM!

Thanks for reading, go pick up these polishes!!! RAWR!

P.S.  I hope it won't seem like bragging, but I really wanted to show you something I got for xmas that I'm super excited about:

Beautiful, right!?!  I am truly lucky to have gotten such an amazing gift!!! I actually don't really know how to play golf, I've only been a couple of times!  But I like the game, and tomorrow morning I am having a lesson!  I am super excited.  I hope I can improve and actually be good at the game, since now I own such a lovely set of clubs!  They're pink and dark gray, which are two of my favorite colors =)

I'm a lucky girl!


  1. My family has a tradition of going to the movies on Christmas too. We saw Sherlock Holmes yesterday, mostly because I am totally obsessed with Robert Downey Jr., and I loved it. Especially how they kept saying "ginger midget."

    I like Hot Topic polishes too. I only have one, but it's really cool (a bit sheer). Your golf clubs are cute. I hope you learn to smack the shit out of that ball! :D

  2. Hahah!!! Omg the way they kept saying "ginger midget" was probably my favorite part!!! Next time I watch that movie I'm just gonna count how many times they say it! And yes, RDJ is sexy, but I think Jude Law takes the cake there!

  3. Great haul! I need to try some HT polishes!


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