Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NOTD~ Hot Topic Purple

Today I'm wearing another Hot Topic color, this is a purple filled with purple *looking* glitter.  I say that because sometimes the glitter looks pure purple, sometimes it looks blue, sometimes pink, sometimes mixed.  It's insane!!!  I took SO many pictures trying to capture it to no avail.  Typical.

You can see the blue glitter really well in all these pictures, but the pink only comes out in either bright sun very faintly or pale yellow lamp light in full force!


I like that part's in focus and part's not so that you can see how awesome and shiny it is!

Enlarge this one.   You can faintly see the pink glitter on my index finger!

I don't get why the blue was so bright in all the pictures and the pink was so elusive.

I was expecting a lot from this polish, and let me tell you, it went above and beyond said expectations.  I usually find that awesome stuff like duochromes or glitter are much more pronounced in the bottle than on the nail, which is sad.  But this polish's glitter looks completely uniformly purple in the bottle, but on the nail the different glitters show up in different lighting, making the polish a chameleon!  It's truly awesome.  Its a great deep but not black looking purple that I believe only took two coats to be opaque.  It was kind of slow drying though, and messy to apply, but those are small apples when you get a color like this after all that work!  Awesome, awesome, awesome.  Highly recommended.  Pick it up!

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  1. That is an aweosme color; I really should check out HT polishes....


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