Friday, December 11, 2009

NOTD~ Sally Girl's Gotta Have It and silk patches

Today I am wearing a Sally Girl's nail polish, called Gotta Have It.  And I did.  It's a beautiful color.  Reminds me of Diamond Cosmetic's Cherry Tobacco, but maybe nicer because a.) it doesn't have the word 'tobacco' in the name, and b.) the shimmer is a tad more on the burgundy side than just plain red.

With flash.  See my silk patch?

Close-up of the patch.  Looks classy.

no flash

kittyyyyy.  Actually, this is the most color accurate out of all the pics! Enlarge!

It looks lit from within.  I love it.  It does look almost black in some lights, but it's so gorgeous I don't even care.  I put two thick coats, which was definitely enough for coverage, but it was a tad goopy and the brush was tiny tiny so I had to dip it twice per nail (annoying).  But for 89 cents a bottle, how can I complain?  I absolutely adore this color.  It is a little chipped today (I put it on yesterday) because I'm so mean to my nails.  I think I'll change it to the other Sally Girl polish I bought yesterday tonight!!! =)

Ok so wtf with that silk patch thing!??! Am I stupid?  How does one put on a silk patch and not have it be so obvious?!  Please help me out!  I buffed it a little like the package said to but I didn't want to buff it completely away..... I think I'm just gonna have to cut that nail too though, the break is just getting worse and worse.  Sad stubs.  I will never have beautiful long nails like the rest of the polish ladies out there! This is actually the longest my nails have been since hmm... elementary school maybe?  For some reason puberty ravaged my nails.  Maybe I need to start taking vitamins?  Suggestions! I need suggestions!  What do you guys do?? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS! haha.  kthxbye.


p.s. I bought new nail brushes at Michael's art supply store last night... They rock. (and they were like 3 bucks each!)


  1. I never "patch" if I have a split. I use a pre cut self sticking silk wrap and leaving a small gap between my cuticle and the wrap, place the wrap covering the entire nail ensuring that the split is covered to the edge. Then I do a coat of Big bondini brush on glue, let it dry and do a second coat. When it totaly dry I gently buff to smooth. This usually lasts about 3 weeks.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Ok that makes a lot of sense! Where do you buy the pre cut silk patches? Thanks for the help!

  3. I get the supernail Swiss Silk ones from Sally


Thank you so much for your comments! =)