Friday, December 18, 2009

This might be the longest post of all time.

Hey!!! I missed all of you guys!!!  I just got back from AZ this afternoon.  I am back at my Dad's house.  If you don't want to hear a piece of a very long story, or really anything I have to say for that matter, Just scroll down to look at the pictures of my NOTD's for the past few days.  NOTE: THERE ARE PICTURES OF MY NUDE NAILS, AND OF MY PAINTED TOES (I have gross feet) SO IF YOU DON'T WANNA SEE SUCH THINGS, DON'T READ ON!!!!!

Well, I don't think I have mentioned this on my blog before, but my parents are getting a divorce right now, after they'd been married for 25 years.  The divorce started when I was almost 19.  I am now almost 21, so it's been almost two years.  Unfortunately, I was and still am very upset about it.  I have had many issues with her in the past couple of years, and with her boyfriend as well, so I was very nervous about going to their house for the first time ever.  This was the third time I've seen her since she left.  Nervous doesn't even begin to cover how I feel when I know I'm gonna see her.  Well, thankfully, it went well considering what I thought could potentially have happened!  Yay!  I managed to not punch anyone in the face.  My mom and I did what we do best together: shop.  That helped, not only because shopping is like therapy for me, but it was what we always used to do together to bond, and something we haven't done in the past two years.  That, and getting pedicures, which we also did.  So this is going to be mostly a haul of all the things I picked up in the past few days!  I of course bought a ton of nail polish, and therefore got to paint my nails a couple times while I was there, hence the NOTD's.  Let's get to it!!! (Sorry for the rambling!)

Enlarge if you want to look closely.  Shoes, chocolate orange, necklace, rings, mini bump its (I caved, yeah.  I know.), hair bows, nail polish, earrings, fake eyelashes, 2 lipsticks, and an eyeshadow. Whew!

Left to Right: OPI's Pamplona Purple, Green-Wich Village, Dazzled By Gold

Left to Right: Icing's Purple Rain and Peacock.  The christmas spirit is not dead!!! These were buy one get one half off, and they said $4.50 each on the bottle.  So, should be 6.75... right?  Well, I go up to the counter, and the girl is ringing me up.  The scanner was brining up "Not Found", so she decided to give them to me for free instead of creating a transaction for 6.75!  AMAZING!  FREEEEE =) Happy Holidays to me! haha.

Left to Right:  Essie's Island Hopping, Chinchilly, and matte about you top coat!

The OPI's and Essie's were on sale at my Mom's local Ulta, buy two get one free, plus a free Holiday Ulta Exclusive (aka Dazzled By Gold) for OPI, and plus a free matte about you from Essie.  Hurray!  My Mom got the free OPI color and Essie color after I bought two of each, she got OPI's Japanese Rose Garden (GORGEOUS, WANT) and I forgot the name of the Essie but it was similar in color.

Cute!  I love stuff on sale.  These guys were only $6!  I kinda wanna get another hole in each ear, these would be good for that!

Left to Right:  Ulta Lipstick in Blush Peach (beautiful sparkly nude) and Maybelline's Color Sensational in Plum Paradise (beautiful dark plum, more purple in real life, with those nice blue glitters!)  P.S. I LOVE the Color Sensationals.  I own 5, and want more.  They're amazing.

Ulta Eyeshadow in Amethyst.  It's much darker and more red in real life.  Lots of glitter.  Should be amazing for a smokey eye! MM!

Most amazing shoes ever.  They're more blue in real life, but are definitely a green take on teal.  The tan strap and wood heel make them wearable, even though they're super bright.  They were only about $27 at Dillard's.  Unfortunately I'm a whopping 6'1" with these babies on (I'm 5'9" normally).  The guy I'm seeing right now is 5'8", but he's worth not wearing these.  I'll just have to wear them around the house!!! =)





My mom and I went and got pedicures.  She got pink, of course.  I got OPI's My Private Jet!  It's the holo version! My nails are mattified Dazzled By Gold.  Unfortunately I couldn't clean up or anything since I didn't bring supplies with me, so they look like crap.  This is two coats My Private Jet, and three of Dazzled by Gold.  I'm sorry my toes are so ugly.  It's not my fault I tell ya!


More Dazzled By Gold.  Already chipping a few hours later =(

Essie's Island Hopping, two coats, might need three.  Also modeling a new ring I bought at Forever 21 for like $3.80!  (It's actually three rings, but I pretty much plan to always wear them together.  Although, they turned my finger green already!  I suppose that's what I get for only paying $3.80 for them eh?)

My current NOTD, OPI's Green-Wich Village.  So gorgeous!  It needed three coats, but I only did two.  It might be a jelly!  I love love love it.  Again, modeling a new ring purchased at Macy's for like $10?  I know it doesn't go with my nails, but I wanted to show you how sparkly and pretty it is!

So I got a package in the mail today!  Skin MD was nice enough to send me, for free, a bottle of their Shielding Lotion to try out!  I am not getting paid to write a review on it, and am not being pressured in any way to do so.  But why the hell wouldn't I?  Wouldn't you guys like to know if I find the most amazing lotion ever?  Or the crappiest?  Haha, I would!  Ok, so, for research sake, here are two pictures of my bare nails, flash and no flash:

I'm sorry.  I know they look gross. So, then I painted my nails, and put some Shielding Lotion on top:

I also put some cuticle oil on top.  I really hope this lotion works, because I actually have super super dry skin.  Part of my right palm is actually peeling right now, and it's absolutely disgusting!  I won't show a picture of that, but you'll just have to trust me there!!!  It says to put it on twice a day, until symptoms improve and them back off to once a day... I don't know if I'm going to ignore that, or continue to use my normal hand lotion (Goldbond) in addition to this, or what, but I cannot live with only putting hand lotion on twice a day.  I'd say I put hand lotion on my hands maybe 4 or 5 times a day.  But I'll let you guys know what I think of it!  First impressions are that it's a little watery (not in a bad way, just an observation), but didn't leave a greasy or filmy feel on my hands, which I appreciate.  It didn't smell good, but not bad either.

Alright.  I apologize for such a long post, but I hope you at least enjoyed some parts of it!!  I'm super excited about my new nail polishes.  Hopefully one day soon I'll get in the mood to just sit down and swatch forever!  =)

I'm glad to be back, I missed reading all your blogs!  Have a lovely evening, talk to you soon!



  1. I like the shoes, and I put in my wish list that opi purple ;).
    Wow! so many pretty things you found! , glad to hear that you had a good time shopping with your mom :)

  2. Omg I love those shoes! Gianni Bini's are so comfortable too! I need them :) And Green-wich Village looks great on you!

  3. The shoes are pretty comfortable considering how tall they are! Which is good because I wouldn't wear them if they weren't! Thanks guys =)

  4. I love Dazzled By Gold, and that necklace you got in the first picture looks really awesome. The shoes are also gorgeous; shoes are kind of my other obsession. That's such a bummer about your parents. I can't say I know how you're feeling, but my boyfriend's parents got divorced when he was like 25 and he had a lot of bad feelings about it. Hang in there :)

  5. Thanks a lot Stephanie... I really appreciate it! It's pretty common for adult children to be more upset about divorce than young children... Which only makes sense. I hope your boyfriend is feeling better about it!

  6. Those free nail polishes look awesome! sorry to hear your having a rough patch with family, I can't imagine what it would be like, but i'll listen to anything anyone has to say.
    Isn't it true that shopping is such a cure!!
    well not really but it helps =D


Thank you so much for your comments! =)