Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Zoya Matte Velvet Collection

Hurray!  I won Kelly from VampyVarnish's contest!  Here are my winnings:

Let's start off with my least favorite, although still awesome: Dovima.

with flash

lamp light

Index and ring fingers have top coat (flash)

topcoat again no flash.

Dovima is black.  It has beautiful blue and colorful tiny glitter.  I think it looks better with the topcoat!  It was kinda watery and runny.  This is two coats.

My second favorite: Loredana

with flash

no flash

index and ring have topcoat (flash)

topcoat again with no flash

Loredana is a beautiful charcoal grey.  (Do you guys spell it gray or grey?  I always switch off haha)
Anyway, the formula was amazing on this one!  Thick in a good way, like whipped butter.  So smooth.  This is two coats.  I love the crazy colorful glitter in it.  Again, better with topcoat.

And my personal favorite:  Posh

with flash

no flash

topcoat on index and ring (flash)

topcoat with no flash

Bonus photo ALRIGHT! haha.  Enlarge this one. Look at the amazing shimmer!!!! RAWR.

I don't usually like reds.  But HOLY SHITBALLS, look at that shimmer!  Again, two coats.  Again, the polish comes to life with topcoat.  It's insanely deep and beautiful.  Mesmerizing would be a good word. Yes.  Mesmerizing.  MMMMmmmm........  I can't wait to wear this one with a black dress and some red heels or something like that... This polish packs a serious awesome-punch!

I put on the charcoal gray/grey one on first, and when I did so I thought that would be my favorite one, because it's so awesome, but then Posh just came in a blew it out of the water!!  I'm super happy with all three of these polishes and will use them extensively.  Thanks Kelly!!!!


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