Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2 NOTD's~ Zoya Irene, Mannequin Hands Fail and ZOMG AA POLISHES

Super long/exciting post!  Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I've been all types of busy!

My first NOTD was Zoya Irene.  I was thoroughly disappointed.  Kinda brush-stroke-y and just overall not that great.  Like a less awesome more green less gold more brush stroke-y version of At Your Quebec & Call by OPI

Like my fuzzies on my index finger in the last two?  So cute.  Haha.

It wasn't a bad polish in any way.  FIne application, two coats, good wear.  But IDK... Just... Yawn.

Then we have my attempt at "Mannequin Hands" using OPI's Malaysian Mist:

I mean... yea.  In dark lighting, the color works.  But in the light its very obvious that it's a peachy pinky jelly.  I want a skin colored opaque creme.  It's a fine color, but not $8.50 fine.  I wanted Somoan Sand, but after I ordered it off 8ty8beauty and they lost my order AGAIN, they told me it's sold out AND discontinued.  WELL IT WASN"T A WEEK AGO,  DAMMIT!  So I ran over to my local beauty supply store, because I saw it there a week ago when I decided to order it off 8ty8beauty, and it was gone.  Of course!  So I thought this might work, but no.  It doesn't give me that creepy look I'm going for (lol)

BUT!!! GET EXCITED!!! I won Alia from Polish Freak's contest for American Apparel polishes.  I won three colors, but she didn't tell me which ones.  I was obsessing over which ones I wanted and which ones I'd get, and seriously, the girl got me EXACTLY which three I would pick out for myself.  HOW DID SHE DO THAT!?  Idk.  I'm seriously excited if you couldn't tell by the all caps.

Rose Bowl, Mouse, and Palm Springs.


Look at Palm Springs next to my OPI Malaysian Mist:

This might give me that creepy look I've been yearning after!  =)

I jumped around and got all giddy when I opened the package.  Thanks Alia!!!!

I cannot wait to try all three of these polishes.  You can be damn sure they will be my next three NOTD's haha.  Now I just need to see if I can return Malaysian Mist.  Can you return polish after you've used it?  I only used it once... Hmm....

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well.  I'm in the midst of midterms right now, but my hardest one is over, so I'm alright with it.  I promise I still read all the blogs, I've just been super behind on posts and commenting.  School is ridiculous.

Off to study with my less-than-creepy-enough-for-my-weird-tastes nude hands.



  1. hahaha you love the creepy hands!!! this post cracked me up! congrats on winning the contest and good luck with school!

  2. Congrat on the goodies! They are so pretty!

  3. I can't wait to see AA Mouse!!!

    Loving the mani hands - great match :)

    I'm sorry you didn't like Irene! I actually really liked that one. I'm wearing Midori right now, which I got in the Zoya 6 free with Irene (but I only got 5 free.. I seriously need to get in touch with the CS over there..).

    Loving all the polished nails :)

  4. Love the goodies! I can't wait to see the swatches of the other AA polishes!

  5. I think Irene looks great on you...I don't see any brushstrokes!

  6. I am excited to see if you can achieve mannequin hands! Do you have a MAC skin shade?

  7. really love that malaysian mist! lovely color :)



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