Thursday, January 28, 2010

8ty8beauty Haul

Hey guys!!!  My package from 8ty8beauty came today!!!  As I said before, Somoan Sand was sold out/discontinued, so I had to make a quick decision on something else.  I picked Baguette Me Not from OPI's France Collection.  It's gorgeous, but looks only maybe one shade deeper than AA's Rose Bowl that I got the other day!  Dammit!  Oh well, they're both beautiful.

The ones I purchased L to R: China Glaze Peachy Keen, High Hopes, Four Leaf Clover, Color Club's Wild at Heart (FINALLY) and OPI's Baguette Me Not.  Also pictured on the left is AA's Palm Springs and on the right is AA's Rose Bowl

See?  They're literally the same exact color, but BMN is one shade deeper

Also similar, but Peachy Keen is obviously more peach and less "fake tan" colored.  No mannequin hands here =(

I finally got Wild at Heart.  Thank god.  As some of you may know, I ordered it last time, they lost my order, and then it was sold out.  Hmm.. Seems to be a running theme with these people.

My untried pile.  It hasn't gotten much smaller since I started buying polish in bulk, because every time I use a bunch, I buy a bunch more!  Haha, I haven't repeated a polish in like 6 months!  (Yes, I am ashamed to admit that Orly's Enchanted Forest is in this pile.  I painted it on one nail, but I haven't actually WORN it yet.  I fail)

Even though I haven't used my CG's from the Up & Away collection yet, I already know I love them.  I've heard the great things about their formula, they look super opaque, and CG is always great.  The colors are even more amazing in real life than they have been in pictures.  High Hopes especially.  I was afraid of it looking too "red-orange" because everyone's camera makes it look that way, but it's not at all.  It's a pinky orange almost neon looking bright amazing color from the 80's.  All the colors look fantastic. I'm super happy with my purchase this time!  The only thing that could have made it better is Somoan Sand =(  Oh well.

I can't wait to paint my nails!!!! =D



  1. Holy Cow! What a great haul-can't wait to see the swatches.

  2. you have so many new toys to play with! how fun! and thanks so much for tagging us for the award!!!!
    hope you're doing well!!!

  3. I love reading and being a part of the excitement that goes along with haul posts!

  4. Fantastic haul! Thank goodness you finally got Wild at heart, it's such s gorgeous color!

  5. Great choices! Can't wait for the swatches :]

  6. I love Baguette Me Not. It's one of my favorites :D

  7. Great haul :D I'm so happy you finally got Wild at Heart, it's so pretty!


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