Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog Award =)

Yay!  Rebecca from Nails Etc tagged me with this:

How sweet of her!!! =)  I'm supposed to mention the name of who tagged me, and pick some blogs I like and tag them!

Stephanie and Betsy from Short 'n Chic
GildedAngel from Naive Nails
KittytoKaren of Polish or Perish

It's so annoying to go look through my blog roll, and decide who my "favorites" are and then click on them and get the link and come back here.  Haha.  Maybe I'm lazy.  Plus I try to look at blogs talking about this award so I don't re-tag everyone.  If you would really like to do a tag and don't get tagged often, send me a message or something at and tell me, and I'll tag you next time I get tagged (God knows when that will be, though).  I know I don't have too many followers, but hell, everyone likes to get tagged, right?  K cool.  Have a fantastic day =)  I know I will!



"I can haz pets?"

EDIT: HeavenNRJ from Less is More tagged me for this as well.  Thank you!!! =)  I absolutely love getting tagged, makes me feel so speciallll.  Thanks for reading!!



  1. Naww your kitty is so sweet!

    I found it a lot of effort to do, but I figured it was worth it! It's all about tab browsing!

  2. I want kitty to haz pets :( I love cats. I am so going to be a crazy cat lady when I'm old. Thanks for the tag, boo! I'll put it up in my next post, whenever that'll be.

  3. Bout to steal that cat. Looks like a big ball of warm to cuddle with. The crazy old cat lady in me similarly just went awwwwwww. Also, thanks for the tag. Much appreciate the love!


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