Thursday, January 14, 2010

Does anyone actually care about OOTDs of FOTDs??

Hey, if you don't wanna see outfits or face of the days from me, please let me know (nicely) that you don't give a shit.  K thanks!

why can I never get my eyeliner to touch my lashline?  FML

CS 88 warm palette

very myspace-esque.  But shows how cool my tights are!  And my necklace =)

was tired of looking at bad pictures of myself just standing there.

what I wore:

Green v-neck: Pac sun
Cardigan: Gap
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Black high waisted skirt: Walmart (by Miley Cyrus. Fail.)
Tights: Gap
Cheetah ballet flats: Target

on my face:
Eyes: Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette, Revlon colorstay eyeliner, Covergirl mascara
Cheeks: Covergirl trio blush
Lips:  Maybelline color sensational lipstick in Warm Me Up, and NYC nude gloss over

Bonus lolcat:

I haz the famous.

Lol Tucker is such a model!

My nails are still BB Couture's Dragon's Breath, but the crazy contrast of the green shirt are making my nails look really red instead of magenta, which I don't really like because I don't like to look like christmas. Lol.  Oh well! =)

Thanks for reading, I hope I didn't bore you all to death!! Have a lovely evening, I think I'm gonna go to the basketball game tonight against UC Irvine.  GO AGGIES!



  1. Holy balls, I effing love Maybelline Warm Me Up. It is all I wear.

  2. i love your tights! and that green is beautiful with your skintone! gorgeous.

  3. BAHAHAHA I LOVE CATUATE. I might have to make that my Fbook profile picture. MIGHT. <3

  4. You are such a pretty girl! Beautiful eyes =P Post what makes you happy!

  5. I agree with with what makes you happy! I for one enjoy seeing your mad eyeliner skills!


    PS I do not see the gap between your lash line and eyeliner! srsly!

  6. I wish I could do my eyeliner that well!

  7. I always like seeing FOTDs on blogs. :)

  8. Nice outfit, and even better is the look on your face. You look like a fun person to spend time with


Thank you so much for your comments! =)