Monday, January 11, 2010

NOTD~ BB Couture's Moon Over Manhattan

Hello all!!  How've you guys been lately?  I have been busy!  Woof.  Alright.  Unfortunately the base polish (Hot Topic Purple) I used for my mani yesterday is a neon, so its wear is awful.  So it chipped.  But then I remembered "OMG, Cindy, owner of BB Couture, SOO graciously sent me two of her polishes to try: Dragon's Breath and Moon Over Manhattan!"  Well, since I just had a purple on, I didn't feel like doing a magenta.  So I picked MOM (haha, sweet acronym!)  It is a beauuutiful color!  Absolutely stunning.  


no flash, pretty much color accurate.  Maybe a very little bit more blue in real life

no flash

What a pretty greyed out deep blue.  It has large irregularly sized silver glitter, I think.  That or glass flecks.  I'm not really sure.  But its a gorgeous color.  It kind of looks like a grayed teal creme from far away or to the uncaring or untrained eye, but us polish lovers know better! =)

Only problem with this is that it was a little thick, and the drying time was longish.  I think I will add a couple drops of polish thinner to it, but other than that, no complaints!  Almost perfect in one coat, extremely perfect in two.   Can't wait to try Dragon's Breath, I've heard such great things!



  1. Gorgeous color, looks great on you. :)

  2. Beautiful Kelsea! BB Couture looks like an awesome brand I should try!


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