Sunday, January 31, 2010

NOTD~ Fake nails with High Hopes by CG

Hey guys!  I bought some fake nails yesterday at target.  I had two splits that were wayy up in my nail bed, one on each hand, so I decided to give in and put some fake ones on.  I would get fake nails professionally done, but I just don't have the money for that.  (Although I suppose if I stopped buying so much clothes and nail polish I probably COULD afford it lol)

Anyway, I bought the Kiss everlasting (and by everlasting they mean "7 day wear") french in medium length for regular nails.  If these are medium length I'd be scared to see long, and I apparently need the petite sized ones or something because the smallest one was almost too big for my pinky, and I had a really hard time finding sizes to fit.  There were two sizes in the box bigger than the ones that fit my thumbs.  Weird!  I thought I had normal sized nails.  Anyway!

Note: These are not color accurate in any way.
Bottle color is starting in the right direction, but still too orange

Poor High Hopes.  It will never be well represented in photographs. lol.  I'm so glad I bought this color.  I was so nervous because I don't really like red-oranges, and these photos pretty much look straight orange.  This must be partially neon.  It's SO bright, and its a beautiful "guava" pinky orangey bright juicy color.  I can't really describe it other than that!  I feel like anyone walking by would describe it as either hot pink or red, not orange.  I'm super glad I bought this one.  This is two coats.  The french tip does show a tiny bit in real life, but not as badly as in these pictures.  =)

What I wore today!  I looked very indie.  And those aren't prescription glasses, I just think they're cute. hehe.



  1. That is a great color on your nails, and I love your outfit!

  2. Love your look! :) And those fake nails look so real!

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