Monday, January 18, 2010

NOTD~ RBL Locavore and Hair Cut/Color

Hey!!  Locavore is like Marti Gras on crack on your nails! =)

with flash


no flash

no flash lamp light

SO AWESOME.  For some reason the glitter looks kinda silver in these pictures.  Trust me its not.  Yellow, teal, and magenta glitter is all it is.  Mostly yellow.  I'm trying to hold myself off of needing Mad as a Hatter by wearing this, but this polish just makes me want it MOAR because I love ridiculous amounts of glitter!!! RAWR!

Oh, and I got my hair cut and colored today:

I wasn't going for the peacock look, but it turned out like that and I'm glad!!! I got it bleached in that area and cut, and then did the colors myself.  They're from Hot Topic, a purple one and a turquoise one.  Came out pretty awesome, if you ask me!

Thanks for reading, and hello to my new followers!!! (and my old ones, too!)  =)  Thank you for following me!  I'm just one away from 50!  WOO HOO!



  1. I love this one so much! I was set to get this and No More War during the RBL sale...and I missed it!

  2. yay RBL polishes! I haven't tried their glitters (bc I'm not much of a glitter gal) but it looks fab on you. Also I love the hair!

  3. your hair looks great, and that nail polish is beautiful!



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