Sunday, January 10, 2010

NOTD~ RBL Scrangie and Blog Tag

Two-fer! Woo!

Brooke from Babbling Brooke tagged me.  Thank you!!!

With this you are supposed to write ten facts about yourself...  Here we go =)

1. I own a cat named Tucker.  He's about 7.  We got him my freshman year of high school.  Then my parents got divorced and we gave him up.  Then we adopted him back and have been passing him around from house to house (since neither my dad, brother, or I live in an area that allows pets).  He's great.  I'd miss him way too much if we really had to give him up!

2. I'm terrified of spiders.  Ugh.

3. I'm lactose intolerant.  I just became lactose intolerant about two years ago.  My favorite foods are mexican (jack cheese and sour cream, please) and fettucini alfredo.  Sigh.

4.  I'm a pretty good cook.  I'm not as good at baking pastries and such, but that's ok with me.  I have a huge savory tooth.

5. I'm very self conscious and shy, but push myself to be confident and outgoing.

6.  I love to sing.  If there is a song on that I know the words to, I will sing it quietly (if people are around) or loudly (when I'm alone) to myself.  I was in choir for a year in high school and took a couple voice lessons, as well.

7. I also love fashion, makeup, shoes, colors, decorating, aesthetics in general, art, music, etc.  However, I am not all that talented in any of these things.  I am good at math and science.  I don't actually even like math, I just happen to be good at it.  Poop.

8. I like to be organized in my outer affairs like packing for a trip, keeping other people's stuff clean, keeping my car clean on the inside, etc... But my room is always always always messy. =(

9.  I have terrible time management skills.  I can't manage myself unless it's to do something I want to do, like blogging, or eating. lol

10.  I had braces for 6 years.  Not continuous.  3 years on, 1 year off, 3 more years on.  It was awful!  But I'm glad I did it because my teeth were super crooked and I have a thing for super straight teeth! =)

Onto the NOTD!!! My RBL's FINALLY came!!! HURRAYYYY

Locavore and Scrangie


Scrangie, flash

Closeup with flash!

No flash.  It looks patchy!!! But I promise IRL it doesn't at all!  Weird.  Also, you can see the subtle pink shimmer thrown in there as well as the blue/turquoise!

no flash
Scrangie wasn't kidding when she said she wanted it to look like a beetle wing.  Right on!  This would look great on its own, over black, or over purple.  I have it over purple, a color by Hot Topic to be exact.  It's a brighter purple base, and I think it looks fantasticccc.  I'm really glad I bought this polish, because it's a.) purple  b.) bitchen  and c.) a blogger exclusive color by the amazing Scrangie!  She's the person who got me so into nail polish in the first place with her perfect nails and amazing photos! =)

I hope you all enjoyed.

I tag
Bright Lights Big Color
Both ladies of Short n' Chic
Evil Angel
Deez Nailz
and if anyone on my blogroll is DYING to do this one, go ahead and pretend I tagged you.

Have fun!!! =)



  1. I love Scrangie!! wish I had it.
    and glad you were able to keep your cat :) I have four that I love dearly - I can't imagine not having them! Thanks for sharing your fun facts!

  2. RBL Scrangie looks amazing on you!

  3. as far as all-black outfits are concerned, the trick is to combine different textures. for example, I used lace (top), fringe (skirt), wool (cardigan), fake leather (leggings) and fake suede (boots). try it out, it should work! and thanks :)


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