Thursday, January 21, 2010

NOTD~ Zoya Demi from the Dare Collection

Today I have on Zoya Demi from the Dare Collection.  It's a beautiful deep juicy berry color.  I want to drink my nails.  Haha.  I bet you never heard that sentence before!!  Two easy coats and a little painful (because it's a purple/red creme) cleanup later, this is what I got!

With flash.  NOT color accurate.

No flash.  Much more color accurate.

No flash.  I don't know how this one came out so bright.  Hmm. What are you doing, camera?

I like this color because it's berry and kinda of vampish in darker lighting, but not nearly black at all and is still very girly.  I like that it's a creme.  So smooth and delicious looking!  I also have Envy from the same collection, and I think I should do konad with it tomorrow or something!  OoOo.  Lol.

A better picture of my new peacock hair!  ("It's called peacocking.  The ladies love it.")

Hope you guys are having a great week.  Almost FRIDAY! WOO!  Anyone gonna watch the office tonight at 9??? =)



  1. Love it! It's like Plumski's brighter sister! Also your application looks completely flawless! Great job! :)
    <3 kittytokaren
    PS yeah watched the office - but it was just patched together from past eps! like the simpsons do something...was disappointed :(

  2. Your hair is adorable and Demi is a great color!

  3. I love your hair and Demi is gorgeous!

  4. When I first started reading I was like, "hmm that doesn't look like a juice colour", then I actually bothered to scroll down. It's a really cool colour, I've not seen one like it.

  5. I love your hair,that's so sweet looking. Great looking Zoya.

  6. I really like Zoya Demi! Did you change your background? or did I just notice it? Because it is SUPER CUTE!!

  7. Hey hey, I got your comment about the Essies. I'm honestly not sure which I like better. I think it would be Tart Deco, except my topcoat turned it bright orange. Without topcoat it was a really pretty pinky peach. I'll have to figure out how to fix that problem.


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