Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ramble! Locavore's wear time, and a few other things

Hey how have you guys been!?  I've been mostly good.

Locavore has been on my nails for a couple days now and looks almost perfect still.  Yay!  A little tip wear, but I usually have a serious problem with my glitters (and some other nail polishes, for that matter) just peeling off in huge chucks, but that hasn't happened yet!

Also, I know you guys are probably going to think either I'm crazy for saying this, or that other people are crazy for actually doing this, but I just wanted to tell you that my name is pronounced like Kelsey.  I would say that about 60-70% of people I meet that read my name (teachers, staff, bank tellers, etc) say it wrong.  WHY!?!?  I DON"T KNOW.  It's easy.  Kel, and sea.  like the ocean.  Mostly I get Kel-see-uh.  WTF THAT"S NOT EVEN A NAME!! haha.  Sorry I'm really bitter about it. (Can you tell?) So I just wanted to get that straight!  And Laurel is my middle name if anyone was wondering =)

It has been raining to the point of flooding for the past couple days now, and it's not supposed to let up for a couple more days =(  I like listening to the rain when I'm inside, but having to venture out into it is such a pain in the ass. I think I have S.A.D.

Also, I have a new blog, because I love all the modeling and fashion blogs I have looked at and follow, and wanted to try my hand at it.  I've always wanted to be a model, I just don't think I have what it takes!  But hey, I can pretend to be one!! =)  No pressure to check it out, I only have one post at the moment, lol.  But if you're interested, I also have a youtube account, where I do makeup tutorials and shit like that.  It's pretty fun, I'd say.  No pressure on that one either, just wanted to put the links up just in case.

I hope everyone is doing well... I'm getting a cold!  NOOOOO =(


  1. hey girl! you have no idea how many people pronounce my name completely and utterly wrong. like they miss whole syllables! so yeah i know how frustrating and annoying that can be!

    don't you love RBLs!? They have the best wear on me.

    Oh and also I mentioned you/linked your blog on polish or perish ;)

  2. Good luck with your fashion blog, that's too brave for me!


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