Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review: BB Couture and OOTD

OOTD... aka outfit of the day.  I really don't know if anyone at all is interested in what Kelsea Laurel wears on a day to day basis, but YOU'RE GONNA READ IT AND YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT! Haha. Jk.  If you don't care just scroll down.

Neutral eye makeup today

The whole outfit, and my messy room, and my trillion pairs of shoes!

two pairs of tights today.  Purple with black lace overlay!

Hello kitty =)

Why is half my face blurry?  Whatev.

Cardigan: Norstom
Top: Target
Shorts: H&M
Tights: Marshall's and not sure about the black ones
Shoes: Target
Hair Bows: Hot Topic
Watch: Kohl's

Ok so now I would like to review BB Couture, or at least the 4 polishes that I have from them.

L to R: Opposites Attract, Laguna Lagoon, Moon Over Manhattan, and Dragon's Breath

OA with flash

OA no flash

LL with flash

LL no flash

MOM flash

MOM no flash

no flash

flash (my left middle nail broke. boo.)



closeup of glitter! MMM

no flash

Sorry for the trillion pictures of Dragon's Blood, but it's my NOTD and hasn't been featured on my blog until now.

Everything is two coats, except LL, which I *believe* is three, but I'm not sure.

Ok.  So, these are some of the best colors I own, in my opinion.  A pastel mint creme, a lovely medium gray with glass flecks, a slate grayed blue with glass flecks, and a maroon with silver and red glitter.  Fantastic colors.  My issues with LL was the application.  To thick, chalky, normal pastel creme shit.  My issue with OA was that it was gritty and hard to apply, and that it was too thick and chucked off my nail is huge, still not dry two days later pieces.  DB and MOM applied much better, but I had the same problem with the chucks coming off.  They must be jellies or something, because they are always kind of squishy looking and are never truly HARD (I like it hard, dammit!).  I'm a bad bad BAD polish picker, so these start chipping the day I put them on.  So I suppose that could just be my fault.  I absolutely love the way all four of these polishes look on me (before they chip, of course).  I will be buying from BB Couture again, since their colors are so top notch, and the formula on the my recent two were a big improvement.  My only question now is... Why is Dragon's Breath not called Dragon's Blood?????? It seems like a much more appropriate and awesome name to me.  Oh well!

Thanks for looking =)


P.S. What do you think of my new blog background?  To irritating?  Or ok?


  1. Kelsea you're adorable!! I like your outfit - it's like eclectic cute but appropriate because the colours aren't too crazy! Also I wish I had your eyeliner skills....I go for the smudgy look because I suck royally at making a precise line like that.

    And on a polish note, the more I see BB polishes on your blog, the more I want to branch out of my usual brands and try them out.

    PS I like the new background..its def. busier but also v. cute

  2. I love your outfit!
    I think Dragon's Breath is a really cool colour, maybe they thought blood in the name might put people off?

  3. Nice cardi, boo. I like your background. Pink and brown look lovely together, and the little birdie is teh cute. I like those BB Couture polishes. Maybe I'll get some. But probably not. I hate ordering things from the intarwebz.


Thank you so much for your comments! =)