Monday, February 15, 2010

NOTD and TOTD~ Icing Manic Monday and AA Rose Bowl

If you go to this website you can type in any question anonymously and then I can answer it directly.  I know a lot of my friends have these things so I thought I would join.  So if you feel like joining in the fun, go sign up and/or ask me a question!!!

Today I put on Icings Manic Monday on my fingers, and American Apparel's Rose Bowl on my toes.  I'm super happy with both!!

I will show you a picture of me feet.  Be aware.  My feet are not cute.  K.  You've been warned!

with flash.  Pretty color accurate

no flash.  This leans a lil too green

No flash.  This is pretty color accurate too.

Rose Bowl, with flash.  Pretty color accurate.

Manic Monday (which is such an awesome name) is a blackened peacock teal creme, which is also kind of on the grayed out side.  It's an amazing color.  Rose Bowl (which is also an awesome name) is a tanned out dusty pink creme.  Both applied nicely in two coats.  I am super happy with both of these polishes!  Yay.  Good choices, me.  =)

I hope everyone had a good President's Day!  I lounged around, finished writing a paper that's due tomorrow, watched a couple movies (Where the Heart Is and the Holiday, love them both).  Jude Law is just so sexy!!!!  Everyone agree?  Yes?  Cool.



  1. Those are very nice colors, Rose Bowl looks so pretty!

  2. That Icing polish looks nice. Kinda...want it.

    Jude Law was really, really good in Sherlock Holmes. Did you see that? Robert Downey Jr. is like my dream man, and it says a lot that I noticed Jude Law at all, haha. Great movie.

  3. beautiful colors!

    btw I would LOVE it if you checked out my new blog!

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