Thursday, February 11, 2010

NOTD~ CG Peachy Keen from Up & Away

Hurray!  I'm back!  =)  I missed you guys.  I'm sorry for being so flaky!

Today I'm wearing Peachy Keen from China Glaze's Up & Away Spring 2010 Collection.  Yea, it's not spring yet, but OH WELL!

Little baby nubbin nails.

with flash

This is a bright yellow notecard as the background.  I tried to make it look more orange like it is in real life.  It's still a tad darker.  Lame.

A picture of my first coat.  Gross.  Pretty color accurate, though.

Although this polish was pretty hard to work with, I like the way it turned out.  It was getting kinda thick but was still a tad streaky at coat two, but I stopped there because it was late and I didn't want to have to wait forever before I could go to bed! lol.

Yesterday I wore this on my face:

Neutral eyes lips and cheeks with a pop of blue under the eye

I used the H.I.P. Chrome liner.  It glides on so smooth and lasts a long time!  Woo.  I also got it at a dollar store, so it was only a DOLLAH!

My colorful streak is still going strong!  Yay!

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you are having a lovely week and that all your guys' Valentines Days don't suck.  I'm too single for words at the moment, but I think my roommate and I are gonna go see that movie Valentine's Day sometime this weekend.  Anyone else gonna go see it?  Alright, I'm going to go eat a lot of food. =)  TTYL!



  1. A gorgeous, sweet girl like you isnt going to be single for long so enjoy the time you have to be selfish and do whatever you want all the time!!! :) Even though I'm not single, hubs is stuck in colorado and we may not get to see each other for Valentines :(

  2. I am so going to wear this one soon. I can't waaaaiiit.

  3. Haha omg your comment on my blog kills me! I wish I could eat ice cream, but I'm allergic to dairy!!! argh!! *stomps around cursing cows and their delicious milk* haha I think if hubs can't make it for v-day i'm going to just bury myself in work and try to pretend its a normal day...

  4. I love you in peachy/orange colors.
    And how cute are You!

  5. I love your FOTD and your NOTE! I think they look great, and you are so pretty!

  6. @Musicalhouses aw thank you so much!! =D

  7. I LOVE PEACHY KEEN! I wish my sallys would freakin' get the up and away collection in already! I'm pretty sure they're getting sick of me stalking them, lol. and you're gorgeous! I love the pop of blue! xx

  8. Hi Kelsea,

    You look so lovely, I cannot imagine you would be single for long and you will be able to choose the right person as well, you actually want.

    You are very attractive and in a natural way

    I wondered why you ended your blog so quickly and also hope your feleine friends are ok.

    1. Oops - correction - feline


Thank you so much for your comments! =)