Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sorry I've been so MIA Lately!!

Hey guys.  Wow I've been busy!  I was in San Diego from Friday till Monday Night (I wore CG Four Leaf Clover and it did NOT last the whole time) and now I'm wearing You Don't Know Jacques suede and I'm embarrassed and how chippy it is.  I literally painted them in two minutes.

The fake nails are off, and my nails look like crap.  Three broke off so short they hurt.  I'm just a mess!  And I had tests all last week so I've been ridiculously busy catching up and getting stuff done.  Sorry guys!

I really really miss you all, and promise to get on top of my life soon!!! =)


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  1. Hey Kelsea! Glad you're still alive!!! I was getting a little worried! :) I hope your tests went well and good luck nursing your nails back to health. :) BTW the Essie Brandie Alexander you sent me - it's been on my toes literally for weeks - I *LOVE* it!!!
    <3 kittytokraen


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