Friday, March 5, 2010

Haulin' Ass!

MMMM haul!

I had a very difficult midterm in Biology 104 (cellular biology) this morning and to forget my sorrows I went to Sacramento to go shopping!  Hurray!  All in all I spent around $150.  But I got a TON of stuff!

Nordstrom Rack:

My first pair of Steve Maddens =D =D =D  Marked down from $139 to $32.  SCORE.

Urban Outfitters:

My birthday day dress?  From Urban Outfitters.  Sale=$20!

Tights.  I've always wanted tights with the seams down the back!  YAY.  And a belt on sale for $10!

Forever 21:
Oh yes.  The double finger ring.


BOOM.  I WIN, Stephanie!  Haha

His head sticks out really far!    Weird to wear lol.  BTW he needs a name.  Any ideas?

Too Faced Shadow Insurance, three lipglosses, a lipliner, and brow powder.  The lip gloss on the bottom right is a plumper.  Tingly!


Sorry Stephanie, I had to get the Chanel dupe.  Had to!!  And Maybelline Minty!  Hurray!

My Dad's birthday present.  He loves Alice In Wonderland.

These are so cool.  $10 for both from Urban Outfitters

My party dress of my birthday night.  I don't know about you guys, but in Davis we take people out on their 21st birthday at midnight.  My birthday falls on a Saturday (April 24th), so the Friday night before I'll be hitting up the bars for the first time as a legal 21 year old!  Yay!

Cute tutu skirt.  The dress looks pretty gross on the hanger, but it's very well fitted and cute on.  I love the cream and black combo, and the high waisted skirt look.  It was only $3 at Walmart (sorry to those of you who hate Walmart!!!)  It's from Miley Cyrus and Max Azria's collection, which I must say, I like.  (Guilty, guilty, guilty.)

Thank you for the advice on my fingernails, I appreciate it!  I hope to have them functioning properly again soon.  Hope you all are having a lovely day =)



  1. Everything you got is FABULOUS. I love those shoes; fierce. And the rings! The RINGS!

  2. Nice haul! I bought the same double ring a few weeks ago.

  3. The dress from urban outfitters is adorable, i've seen it on the website a few times before I think :) and I really want to try the essence nail polishes!

  4. This is a kick a$$ haul - I think you should post yourself wearing everything at once (well except maybe the two dresses LOL)rainbow nails and drinking out of the glasses! ROFL! Hope your dad enjoys them!

    Go have a great April Birthday!


  5. Great haul! Where on earth do you find such great deals?!
    I really love the polish and alice in wonderland glasses :)

    - Angie

  6. Amazing haul! I wish I could get so much for that money! Love the booties and the glasses! XO

  7. Great purchases!
    Great blog, I also have a penchant for nail polish :p haha


  8. All of this stuff is AMAZING…such fun finds!


Thank you so much for your comments! =)