Sunday, March 14, 2010

I caved. Essence~ What Do You Think?

I hate this polish name.  It's awful.  "What Do You Think?"???  Seriously?  However,  it is an amazing color, applies well (needs three coats, I of course only did two) and is a dollar.  Oh, did I mention it's a Chanel Orange Fizz dupe?  Uhh... Yea.  It is.

Stephanie from Short n Chic has a great review and comparison.  I do not own Chanel Orange Fizz, so I couldn't compare the two.

Tucker approves of this polish.

I'm sorry my cuticles and nails are still so terrible.  Millionails seems to be helping a little.  Maybe I have a nail infection?  I don't know.  But that would really suck.

While I was coloring my children's coloring book with my 64 box of crayola crayons (yea, I still do that sometimes.... I'm 20.  I know.)  I realized that this polish looked a lot like the crayon called "melon".  And since I had not been able to capture it's light orange with a touch of pinky coral color (all my pictures came out too orange) I decided to take a few more with the crayon to try and pick up the color better:

AHHH My cuticles!  =(

Well.  I tried.  I guess you can tell a little better that it's not just straight orange... Right?  RIGHT!?  dammit.

I went to lunch with my x-boyfriend-turned-best-friend today.  We had sushi, at one of our favorite places!  I've known Colin for almost 3 years now, and he is seriously the best.  One of the nicest men I've ever met.

I took a picture of him while I was climbing into his car.  Turned out pretty well.  Look at that beard!  You can't see the whole thing, but I designed and drew that rose and revolver tattoo on his inner left biceps.  It's from his favorite series of books, The Dark Tower by Stephen King.
I love that my art is on him forever! =)

Another picture of Colin and I.  This was 6 months or so ago.  We were dressed up to go out to eat.  We like to dress up and pretend we're rich.  He's super fun, and I mean CMON, LOOK AT THAT BEARD!  Haha.

That's all from me today.  I've been studying for finals lately (which begin on Tuesday).  Although today for dinner my roommate Alison, her boyfriend and I all went to her Mom's house for St. Patrick's Day dinner, which consisted of corned beef and cabbage, irish soda bread, potatoes, and other irish deliciousness.  MMM!  Delish.


P.S.  To the people who just started following my blog, WELCOME!  And thanks =)


  1. I've got that polish but haven't used it yet. I love it. Looks nice on you.
    The boyfriend is a keeper. :)

  2. A couple things: first, that polish looks excellent on you. Thanks for linking to my blog, you are teh sweet. Second, Tucker is adorable. Third, I COLOR IN COLORING BOOKS TOO! I did it all through college when I found myself becoming too stressed out. Fourth, dear Colin has a fantastic beard. My boyfriend's favorite book series is the Dark Tower too! He wrote a song called The Gunslinger a couple years ago because he's a tad obsessed. FIFTH, I'm ready to throw down for the next ridiculous ring. I'm going to post it in a bit ;) Loooooove love love.

  3. I love you're kitty he's too cute! That color looks AMAZING on your skintone. I color still too, and I would do it even if I didn't have pre-schoolers. You're right. That crayon is dupey to the polish. Oh, and Stef, I'm getting in on this ridiculous ring thing. Because I have one you're gonna squee over

  4. Oh man, I love crayons! There seriously is nothing better than a fresh box of 64 Crayolas staring at you. Love.

  5. Nice color! And lovely cat.

    By the way - I love reading and watching your blog. :)


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