Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NOTD and Dupe Comparison~ Icing Lily and OPI Done Out In Deco

Today I'm wearing Icing's Lily.  I saw it on a few blogs and knew I had to have it.  As soon as I bought it, and got it home, I placed it on my desk.  Idk why, but only at THAT moment did I have the thought:  "Oh fuck, this looks exactly like Done Out In Deco.  NOOOO"

It's true, they're fucking close.  I mean, so close you don't need both kind of close.  It depends on if you like cool or warm toned lilacs.  Let me show you:

let me first apologize for my nails and cuticles.  I honestly don't know what's happening to them.  Maybe it's the weather, or the change in the weather, or this quarter is stressful, or.... I DON"T KNOW.  
Can you tell the difference?  One is on my index and ring, one is on my middle.  Decide which one you like first before you find out which is which.  That way, you aren't persuaded by anything else!


Did you decide?


Bluer=OPI, Redder=Icing

Look at that.  Can barely tell.  Icing may even be a little more "muted" or "dusty" or.... whatever.

Accentuating the differences with a ridiculous flash.  Again, index and ring=Icing's Lily, Middle and Pinkie=OPI Done Out In Deco.  Also again, I'm sorry for making you look at such gross nails =(

For some reason my right hand is holding up better than my left.  This is all Lily.

Let's see.  Lily was a little thicker, DOID a tad thinner (hey, it IS an OPI after all).  Both needed only two coats.  People on the street would NEVER EVER EVER guess that I had two nail polishes on if I left it like that, but of course, me being OCPD~Obsessive Compulsive PERSONALITY Disorder (Did you know that there's two types of OCD?  I don't actually have OCD, but I found the first fact interesting!), I had to paint them all the same thing.  (Although, if I recall correctly, I left Maybelline's Khaki and OPI's At Your Quebec & Call both on the same hand.  And for the record, yes.  It did drive me crazy.)

I like both a lot.  If I had to just choose one....  I guess I would choose Lily.  But I'm glad I own both.  Like a backup.  And it'll be an interesting self-experiment to see which I reach for more often.

Anyway, I watched The Departed with, well... everyone, but namely Leonardo Dicaprio.  (He HAD to be in, Scorsese directed it. Lol)  Good god that man is sexy.  MMmmm.  Also, am I the only one that thinks Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg look super similar???  I was super confused for the first 5 minutes of the movie when they were together.  Haha.  This post is super random, and probably pointless, so I'm just gonna shut up now.  Goodnight!



  1. Great comparison! Your cuticles are fine, you should see the sorry state of mine between the dry weather and being so stressed out that I am biting them again!

  2. Looooove The Departed. Leo was totally beefed up and beautiful and *droooool*. I loved Marky Mark in that movie. He said cunt so many times, I couldn't stop laughing at him. Brilliant.

    I had a family reunion last July and I brought some bottles of nail polish for my amusement. One of them was Done Out In Deco and like every woman there used it. They didn't use it NEATLY either. The lid is kind of crusted on and there's a huge dent in it. No biggie about the dent because I never use whole bottles of polish anyway, but this crusted on lid is annoying.

    Rambled! Loves you!

  3. f*** a i just got both those polishes this past month! i think i like lilly better baised on your pics...

    and YES that movie confused the f)) out of me too! they are similar. that's ok, just a reason to watch it for the fifth time! ;o)

  4. @jbrobeck So true about watching it again, I may have to do that! It's a good one =) I need to get all of Leo's work, I think! Haha.


Thank you so much for your comments! =)