Monday, March 22, 2010

NOTD~ Color Club's Magic Attraction

Hey!  How's everyone doing?  The weather here is fantastic, so that makes me happy.  I went and hit some balls at the driving range with my dad today, and then we went to lunch.  Then I saw She's Out Of My League with a friend (it was pretty funny) and then saw my dad's friend's new kittens (pictures later) got a new phone, ate dinner, and watch the Bourne Identity.  Pretty good, but not as good as I was expecting.  Oh well!  Yesterday I painted my nails with Magic Attraction by Color Club.

Yea.... I decided not to do any cleanup.  Around the top cuticle there was no need, and I figured it would come off my side cuticles... which it did.

So Magic Attraction looks pale pink in most lights, but it is actually silver glitter, silver holographic glitter, and red glitter, as far as I can tell.


With flash

So of course, today I decided that this crazy glitter was a little too flashy for my outfit.  So I matted it.  Kind of regretting it a little now, looking back on these pictures.

Looks kind of like pebbles or something.  Kind of cool, but not as pretty.

This was three coats.  It needed three coats.  I really like this polish.  Holographic glitter=awesome.

Kitty pictures!

Sorry they're so blurry.  I didn't want to use the flash because I thought it might scare them.  There were two kittens, both leopard like this.  SO CUTE.  They're bengals.  I WANT 8.

Thank you to Brooke of Babbling Brooke for giving me Magic Attraction!  =)

The new phone I got today is called the LG Glance.  It's a pretty basic phone, but I'm ok with that.  All I do is call, text, and take pictures, anyway.  I like that it's gold, though.  And all the buttons work, unlike my last phone!  Haha.  

Have a great day/night/week/whatever,

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  1. OMG BENGAL KITTEHS!!!!!! I love those little things. I've always wanted a bengal kitten but they're so ridiculously expensive. May as well get a nice domestic shorthair for $40, right? Actually my Raven was $20. Can't beat that. That polish is really gorgeous and I do really like it matte. You can always put some topcoat on again ;)


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